Monday, May 26, 2008

The Master bedroom

Two views of the bedroom, one allows a peek into the master bath, and you might recognize the chair and low table from an earlier blog Art of Matilija 03, in the other shot, if ya look closely you will see yours truly reflected in the mirror on the left side of the pic taking the pic., one may turn right at the stuffed chair and exit out onto the patio.


  1. It seems very spacious! I have enjoyed seeing pictures of your house!

  2. I enjoyed the photos of your house. I have some photos of my house on my blog. I don't see you in the mirror. Good thing you were dressed when you were taking the pic. :)

  3. I saw him in the mirror Rose - and he WASN'T dressed - Actually, all I could see was this brilliant light and, I assume, that IS you........all shiny and glowing.

    Spacious rooms! Mine are like little cells.

  4. I am enjoying seeing these pictures Gary. I like that this room opens out into the patio. That is nice.


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