Monday, May 12, 2008

The Emperor looks to the crowd, "THUMBS UP or DOWN?"

Today is May the 12th, 2008-------the question is---should I keep the hangman's game at the bottom of my site or trash it?. Trying to develop a professional blog page here, yet , what can I say. Kinda fun being a show off frog in a small pond----yet man at the same time---?? (it bugs me, just where the hell ARE those salmon's going??)---okay, okay so the simile doesn't quite play, you understand the point right? (born and bred here in the USA, you would think I had a decent grasp of the language----English ---man they lost me when they started talking about Gerunds (sp?) Hell Maybe best I DO stay here in the small pond?? Anyhow, want input on the keep or trash the Hangman's game---will keep the lines open til sundown, Mon , 05/19/08----stay tuned---


  1. ok, This is just my opinion. I Love the hangman game (play it often at work) The pigeon game is hard to play with a slow computer and I must admit it kicks my butt every time.

    So itch the pigeons and keep the hangman, I'm off to play now........

  2. NOOOO I love the Pigeon game. I kick ass everytime

  3. It looks like you have a hung jury.

  4. I've never played the Hangman Game, but I LOVE the pigeon game ... please keep that one!


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