Monday, August 11, 2008


I first want to thank all those than emailed, me or added appropriate sympathetic comments in regards to the destruction and rebuild of my blog page. As we Speak, Wayne John is going through his own hell, in that his server has gone haywire---which makes my little incident look like a stubbing one's toe. Lets all hope Wayne rejoins the living soon.

In any case what I wanted mostly to say here was. The lesson I learned is----before ya get to frisky experimenting with your blog sites---make a copy of what ya got before ya start modifying anything. Once ya have that copy safely tucked away elsewhere on your computer, you can play with your blog page all ya want---and if ya screw it up, you just replace it with that copy you made before ya started and no worse for the trouble.

How does one make a copy of ones entire template?---well blogger makes it easy enough.

1) click on the big B in the upper right of your Blog page. (this will take you to your dashboard)

2) On the dashboard screen click on the LAYOUT Tab.

3) Now click on EDIT HTML

The screen you now are looking at, at the top suggests you save a copy of your template before you modify any code. DO SO with the button they provide. (only takes seconds), and if your not sure you can remember, write down the location your saving the file to). Now your free to roam about your template at will. Note too, should ya screw it all up, this is the same screen you want to come to so that you can upload that copy you saved earlier to put things back to the way they were.

I have made use of Blogger Talk's button generator to create a button to remind myself of this basic act of survival----


  1. Thanks Gary. Nice job of filling in for Wayne while he's indisposed. Watch out though he might get jealous. Before you know it you'll be teaching these young whipper snappers.

  2. Hi Gary. I was off and so not aware that you "suffered" of the destruction of your blog. What a pity indeed ! But I see you rebuilt it and you always kept your "sens de l'humour". We need to laugh and smile, don't we ? Continue in this way... you give me a good mood !

  3. Thanks for the USEFUL info...knowing me...I'll need it some day:-0

  4. I save my blog month by month on a CD. If I ever lost it, I think I would just start a new blog rather than attempt to restore it.

  5. Great information ... when I make changes to my blogger template (old version) I always email myself a copy of the html before I make changes. That way if something freakish does happen I can always just go back to the original template without loosing all of my updates.

  6. That's excellent work there Gary, and a great reminder badge too! It only took me a few screw-ups to learn the same lesson, and I think that perhaps most of us will learn the same lesson in the same way eventually.

    In any case, my server is back up and running. I still have a few bugs to work out, but nothing that will impact visitor. Now I'm just behind my own schedule....

  7. Hey Great Wayne, just unclench those colorful toes of yours and like a busy beaver catchup---okay your caught up now right?-----you serving beer?


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