Saturday, August 9, 2008

Help Wanted

I want to replicate my list of blog friends, some I have been able to do from picking up on old comments, going to profiles listed, and then to the blogs referenced, but not everybody lists their blogs, or they have changed them and not updated their profiles, or (sob) have blocked their profiles from being viewed. S-O-O-O gonna need some help from ya if I am to get ya back on my blogger list on my site-----course if ya DON'T want to be linked or associated to my page----well guess ya can just ignore this plea for help. This being a weekend, am aware that I most likely won't get much of a response til the first of the week, but anyway wanted to let ya all know I aint to proud to accept help.


  1. Hi Gary...I am

  2. Thanks for the comment Michele I have put ya on my good reading blog list. I am rebuilding my site after I personally screwed it up (I'm sadder but the wiser for that)

    Gary, (aka old dude)

  3. Here's a little help the next time something like that happens. I'm not sure how long you have to be on the net for this to work but it' called the wayback, an archive of web pages. Here's an example of waynejohn's site over the years:*/

  4. That Wayne John knows everything. I wish I was that smart. here's my site:


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