Sunday, August 31, 2008

BlogDay2008 (aug.31st)

Being relatively new to the world of blogging I am only now just finding out that today, August 31st, is designated "BlogDay 2008". I would not have known this except one of my good blogger pals Roger Green posted HIS "BlogDay" contribution. In that I want to be a good bloggosphere citizen I of course wish to complete my duty and honor "BlogDay 2008".

If you also are not familiar with "BlogDay", its only important that you know that one day a year , each and every blogger takes it upon themselves to remember when they were first getting started with their blog----and with that thought in mind, go out and discover 5 new blogs to recommend to the bloggersphere , in short kinda a pay back ritual, to help new bloggers get started, and also to meet new blog pals.

Its something of a chore to go out and find new interesting blogs, and it means mabye we have t0 shake up our daily routine a bit---but its only one day a year (and of course now knowing Aug 31 is "BlogDay", I can kinda plan ahead to come up with five new blogs to recommend.







I suppose I should maybe explain each of the above blogs and why I selected them. However I feel it is sufficient enough for me to say---I found each of them appealing to one or another of my interestes and moods. I think I will let you the readers check them out and decide for yourself. HAPPY BLOGGING EVERYBODY.


  1. Thanks for sharing that info Gary. Since I have until midnight to officially pay tribute to blogging, I think I will wait until later to "blog surf" and find 5 new blogs. Happy Blog Day!

  2. Happy Blobbing??? Gary...ya need to proof read sometimes! LOL

  3. what?? maybe you need new glasses? (made the correction, I was in a hurry to get out and get to the store, and didn't edit before publishing---shame on me.

  4. I really enjoyed this blog. I checked out a few of the blogs you posted and found writewingblog to be of great interest to me since I also am very conservative. Good Job unc!!

  5. What? You didn't run out of beer again did ya?lol

  6. hi, great blog. Happy Blog Day, thanks for linking me :O)

  7. Happy Blog Day. It's getting late, so I'll have to check out these blogs tomorrow. I took part in blog day too.

  8. Looks like I missed Blog Day. Maybe next year. I had never heard of it actually until this post of yours.

    So, we know you said "blobbing" somewhere. I usually say "blotting". I must strive for a higher level. LOL

  9. Happy "Day After" Blog Day ... I'm so glad you started blogging Gary ... it brings a daily dose of joy (and sometimes a bit of confusion) to my day.

  10. Gary, thanks for the linkup and for introducing yourself. I've added you to my RSS reader, so I'll be stalkin... er... keeping up with you. Cheers!


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