Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Will Our Next President be Elected by the Twitter People?

I am reasonable sure, that the next president will be elected on the basis of which party and its adherents most successfully make use of the Internet. One only has top look at the 7 o'clock evenikng news to see the talking heads babble about the latest top three news events of the day---they might not always get tghem in the same order but they almost always are in step with each other otherwise. Now compare those stories with the 10, 000 going on in the internet----now ya get a whole different perspective of what is bugging the population about the election. Its HERE the election is being fought.
Is the new kid all flash and no meat?---are his plans actually feasible, or is he just playing on everyones desire for improvements. Its been reported for example Obama has a plan to make us independent of foreign oil in 10 years ---I think thats a great idea----how come nobody else has ever thought about that?---and better yet how does he propose to do it? (Please, don't ask me to just trust ya on that)?.
Senator Obama, just completed a grand tour of Europe, his first , where he was received with great aclaim----by those that have NOT been very helpful to us recently -----and I have to ask myself do I really care if Europe "Likes" my foreign policy---they don't seem to offer anything positive on their own---except sniping at ours. Are these people ones I want to come back home and proudly say , hey they liked me, they really liked me----golly!!!
Not gonna just sit here and say the present administration did just great, ---but at the same time we have not had a repeat of 9/11---and we sure have heard some real screams of agony go up from some of our so called friends in Europe, who just LOVE senator Obama---wonder why?


  1. 9/11 not happening again could be the administrations hard work, or simply because we kept them busy elsewhere...perhaps both.

    We may never know that, but I'll say that neither candidate (now) really blows my skirt up. The whole race is being dragged down to the gutter where it sells the best. Sadly.

  2. I am with Wayne. Not to excited about either. But i sure would like someone with some type of military experience.

  3. Well, getting our Ruropean allies to dislike us - GWB's apparent plan - wasn't working. It's not that "nobody thought of" energy independence. Jimmy Carter was working to get us independent of foreign oil, but the political will to sustain that was not there, as Ronald Reagan had the solar panels taken off the White House.

  4. As a side note on my idea of using comments to get comments......he he........bet you wish YOU'D thought of it!!!! It actually has increased my readership ( that I wasn't aware of before) So, it IS increasing the comments when people realize that I DO visit their blog because of a comment. Now it's truly become an 8 hour a day job. *sigh*

  5. Hmmmmm. 9/11 not happening TWICE in the same administration. Now, that's setting the achievement bar way high, huh?

    Also, we might mention that, although the vice president did shoot an old man in the face, he hasn't actually murdered anyone (that we know of). And, let's seeeeeeeee. . . the sun hasn't burned out since George W. has been in office. I guess he HAS accomplished a lot.

  6. well Gary, looks like alot of bloggers are pretty far to the left. I love your message and it needs to be said over and over again. For one, Obama's affiliation with a terrorist Bill Ayers, a friend of Resco's for 17 years now serving time in prison and Reverent Wright who hates whites, and whites from the south carrying guns and bibles and his wife telling us how much she disliked America until her black, white, muslim, christian, husband became the candidate of choice for the dems says it all to me. along with his late term aborting of babies. What are people thinking. Only 140 days in the senate, no record, preaching socialism, and change which when asked can't tell you what changes he will make except raise taxes, take control of your lives, meeting with the worlds terrorists from other countries. People have to be out of their minds. Or, to get them off the hook----------ignorant.

  7. --well as Forrest Gump would say, "Stupid is as stupid does". I would just hope the voters would vote for the man who has a program and a record of acting on what he believes---and not get flim-flamed with "Rock Star" flash and bang---slick sounding rhetoric.

  8. I have to agree. Stupid is as stupid does. And I haven't seen such a collection of stupid misstatements in quite a while.

    Wow. At least check a fact now and then, people.


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