Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Why do YOU ever Say HELLO to strangers?

I am doing my best here to "grow" by blog readership, why you ask??---and the answer is somewhere between , why not??,--- cause I can??, and I just happen to be congenial by nature. Actually what this post title is geared towards ---is how do YOU go about first meeting strangers. You the wall flower type, and wait til somebody DARES to talk to ya?, or the Aggressor type that practically growls "HELLO", daring the other person to make an issue out of it?? Most , myself included are somewhere in between, depending on who, when and where we are at the time
Focusing on the one particular action---YOU initiating the first step, saying hello----?? Whats your opening line?? Mine usually runs along the theme of , "Ah HI, my names Gary, I was invited by the host/hostess (fill in the blank), but I really don't know very many here, what brings you here?"
Anyway lame as the above is, it beats just clutching a drink and having a frozen smile on your face as you hug the wall-----how do YOU deal with the situation? (I'm flashing on the line from the Broadway play "A Streetcar Named Desire", where the female leads remarks, "---I have always been dependent upon the kindness of friends.!")-----so whats YOUR opening line with total strangers??


  1. Well Gary..believe or not I'm a very shy gal in "person"...although I seem to have a big mouth on here..lol
    I've worked with the public most of my life and have no problem in a work situation greeting and meeting people, but put me in a room of strangers at a party..I'm a wallflower. I will fumble my words, look down and be generally uncomfortable...wierd huh?

  2. ---and the question is---when YOU fight that urge to be nothing but DO try to mingle, whats your usual verbal utterance??---come on your not alone, 90 percent of us are sheep, myself included----

  3. Well I try to say "Hi"...how ya doin today/tonight?... or maybe.."nice party..where do you know host/hostess?...real original, hence the wallflower. Now if someone STARTS a converstation with me, I'm usually good at keepin it going..but I'm not great at starting one.

  4. Sometimes people DON'T because a guy doesn't want to be perceived of "hitting on" a woman, or the person seems closed off and perhaps slightly intimidating.

    I remember one election day morning in the 1990s. So it's before 6 a.m. and dark. This guy, cheerful as can be, says, "Good morning!" I, fatigued as can be, practically whisper, "Good morning" back. He stops and says , "I said, GOOD MORNING!" I replied, "I SAID 'Good morning.' You just didn't hear me." I always thought he was a bit much, that if I hadn't replied, I was somehow wrong, and that I did and he didn't hear it, I STILL felt wrong, and tired and a little irritated.

  5. I usually smile and say hello ... I think that works well.

    I used to say "how are you" ... but honestly I think that's a bit uncomfortable as they may not be having a good day.

    So I stick with a smile, eye contact and hello.

  6. Um don't knock the wall huggers. I'm painfully shy and usually wait for people to talk to me. Can't help it. I wish I were a chit-chatter but I'm not. Now I'm going to stand over there in the corner.

  7. Missy has never met a stranger. She is always bubbly and outgoing and the first to speak. Myself, on the other hand, do not do alot of socializing. When I do, my hubby is usually with me and EVERYONE knows him. We went to Cleveland, Ohio one summer and we were in a mall and someone yelled, Hey Hut is that you? We live in small town Florida. Must be a family trait since he's Missy's brother. I do much better in emails and blogs.

  8. PHEEnomenal whatone can learn blogging and chatting---gotta write this down-----bonnie is married to Hut who is Missy's brother----veery interesting.


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