Friday, August 29, 2008

VEEERRRY Interesting!!

What a surprise, McCain selecting the Governor of Alaska as his running mate. I think this will make the next couple months of the election period most interesting. I like I suspect most all Americans outside of Alaska, have no knowledge of Ms. Palin. I did catch her introduction speech given in Ohio with McCain at her side---and I have to say she did come across as solid, knowledgeable, and personable. Over the next few weeks we know doubt will be subjected to a zillion articles and broadcasts with her as the topic , and become familiar with her political and personal characteristics.
It has already been pointed out that she is 3years YOUNGER than "Brick",which brings into question how much international experience does she have----wouldn't it be wild if she now flies to Europe, and specifically meets with the wounded there??
Yes the next two months are gonna be real interesting politically.


  1. I know now that 'brick' isn't in reference to my wonderful and fluffy kitty. ;)

    I saw that as a transparent political move to help him win the White House more than a move that she could actually do the job. Seemed too political of a move for me. It's like he has to match or beat Obama in terms of novelty and historical importance.

    Time will tell if she is not just another puppet for the rich like most of them are.

    Damn I hate I the only one that sees things this way?

  2. I used to read political blogs in the mistaken belief that they were humor blogs.

    A ballsy move, though I agree with Wayne, totally political - not the best person for the job, but the person he perceives as the best to help him win.

  3. Great choice for a 72-year-old man with a history of cancer who could easily drop dead while in office.

    Haven't the Republicans been knocking Obama for his lack of experience?


  4. Yes it most definitely is a political move---if "Brick" picks Biden to add "experience to his team perception", why be surprised if Johnny balances his team by adding a female with a track record of getting things done. (PS. she has as much experience as "Brick" does, so that issue is a wash in my book)

  5. Not one of the candidates out there or for that matter non-candidates have the experience to do the job. Not one of them has been President before. They all learn the job as they go. The Presidency is one of leadership not necessarily needing expertise in specific fields. The idea is to be a leader.

    The questions are can they pick the right team to push their agendas effectively in Congress and the in the pool of public opinion. They can hire experts. Shake a tree in DC and every branch drops a bunch of them. The trick is to have the right ones on the team.

    Can they connect with America? That is a big one. The election will only tell part of that story.

    What it comes down to in my mind. Are you content enough or paranoid enough that any diversion from the path we are on makes you nervous. Then vote for McCain.

    If you know things will change, whether it be better or worse, you would rather take the chance on new rather than keep up the same policy directions we have had these last 7 years. Then vote for Obama.

    It is that simple.

    This supposed experience one has over the other is non-existent and a manufactured quality. It does not exist.

    I am sure the Governor of Alaska would make a good Vice President. The question is would she make a good President? Anyone voting for McCain has to seriously consider this aspect.

  6. The real kicker was when she said she doesn't even know what the VP job involves.
    It was purely a political move and I hope the women out there are smart enough to see through this. It's about principles here. Why would a Hillary supporters vote for someone just because of gender when her principles are against everything they stand for. Gee Adolph Hitler was a guy does that mean I'd vote for him just because he's a man and ran against a woman? (hypothetically speaking)
    Ladies care to comment.

  7. I am so excited about his pick. I was wanting him to pick her 6 months ago. She is tough no mess with gal. she is no elitist like Obama, and Joe. She is a regular person not tainted by politics and the community advocate that Barack supposedly was. He was very corrupt in that position and he still is friends with the terrorist Ayers the weather ground who still believes what he did was right. All his associations are anti- American and the good will prevail.

    The left are up in arms saying she has no experience. Well, what experience has Barry? He has been in the senate 140 days and has voted present on every issue (which means maybe). What a tough guy. I guess going to Iraq, having an event in Germany, and playing basketball versus visiting our troops makes him an expert.

    Besides, She isn't running for president. She will tear Joe up in a debate. He has never had a real job being elected to the Senate at 29. The man has no experience except being a loud mouth senator who has made bad decisions being head of the armed forces commission. Whoop di doo!!

    Go get him Barracuda!! Americans love fighters when all is said and done. The libs are sooo nervous.

    The dems are supposed to be the party of the poor, the underdog but you have yet to have seen them elect a black man, a mexican, a asian, or a woman. George Bush has done all of this and they were all extremely qualified people. When will the dems wake up and realize they are just keeping the poor people down by big government and they don't want people to succeed as the republicans do. God Bless America and we will win this election.

  8. truth, justice and the American way, right Tish?----runs in the family it seems (as you all know Tish is my niece)

  9. I just got back into town and had not seen the news of the day yet! WOW! I have to agree with Tish on this one. Think he made a good choice, although it's probably more of a stratigic one. But I also think MRMacrum made a good point in questioning would she make a good President? Anyone voting for McCain has to seriously consider this aspect.(because of his age?) It's true he's older, but is he in ill health? Like Gary said..."the next two months are gonna be real interesting politically." Let the games begin!

  10. Hi Gary,I have no particular comment on this post as I am afraid , am completely unfamiliar to American politics. Just want to let you know that I've answered your question you dropped on my oil painting blog yesterday. I am not sure you received it as you have no email contact on your blog. Let me know if you have it at
    Take care

  11. Uh, Tish? That is the most messed-up collection of misstatements I have seen this week.

    Biden is an elitist? Evidence?
    Obama is an elitist? Evidence?

    This statement, I can't even figure out what you were attempting to say, really, but I would like you to offer some small scintilla of proof that "all of his associations are Anti-American."

    He was very corrupt in that position and he still is friends with the terrorist Ayers the weather ground who still believes what he did was right. All his associations are anti- American and the good will prevail.

    Obama has been in the Senate 140 days? Either a lie or pure ignorance on your part.

    Voted present on every issue? Another lie.

    Biden never had a "real job?" And being a United States Senator is, what exactly?

    Another nonsensical mess of a statement:

    "The dems are supposed to be the party of the poor, the underdog but you have yet to have seen them elect a black man, a mexican, a asian, or a woman. George Bush has done all of this and they were all extremely qualified people."

    Huh? George Bush has done all what? Elected black men and Mexicans and Asians and women? Elected them how? And the Democrats have never elected minorities? What? Would you like to back that up?

    But as long as you end up with God Bless America, I guess that makes it all right. Because we all know that God is a Republican.

  12. To any woman who has ever juggled a household and a high level corporate job, the qualifications are well known. I have always believed such a person could easily run our country.

  13. I think between MRMacrum and Grannie Annie, we have a pretty stable crossection of the electorate here. (and yeah Tish, if your gonna rant (which is cool), best if ya get the facts straight ---Kathi D is no dummy---just misguided (lol)

  14. The "elitist" conversation baffles me. Obama is a fussy eater - he's elitist. McCain has $500 shoes and 7 houses- he's elitist.
    Wait a minute...
    As for Sarah Palin, I think I have a bit of a crush on her, most unfortunate because I find her politics horrific. She makes McCain look like a wide-eyed liberal.

  15. Hey, I agree with Tish 100% An elitist is not a person with wealth. An elitist, in my opinion, is a person who has never worked for a living. What actual paying jobs outside of politics have Barak Obama and Joe O'Biden had? Elitist don't get their hands dirty. McCain and Palin know the calloused side of life. You go Tish, you're right on track.

  16. Not a political person here and I have found all these comments pretty interesting, but as usual Kathi D seems to think her opinion is the only right one. How dare someone say something other than what she agrees with. I know who I'm voting for and that's really all that matters to me (although I must admit, I'm with Tish, Granny Annie and Gary on all this)

  17. But of course, just a reminder I'm from Florida and Kathi D seems to think we don't know how to vote here YA'LL.

  18. Grannie Annie - McCain knows the calloused side of Life? Now that is funny. He grew up the son of the extreme elite of the Navy. His father was an admiral. His grandfather was an admiral. He went to The Naval Academy on a free ride and almost did not make it out. 6th from the bottom. He went into the Navy as a pilot. Was shot down, spent time as a POW, came home and then went into politics. He has never been part of the America that comes home with callouses at the end of the week. He has always existed in the upper economic circles where callouses are something the gardener or a Seaman Recruit gets mowing his lawn. He knows callouses,? Give me a break.

  19. I think Granny Annie was making reference to he has personally suffered at the hands of others, and therefore CAN well understand what others are experiencing. Why is it always the Donks Mantra come election time that rich equates to "them", and not "us". I am sure the "Brickster" sitting in his million dollar home raking in the millions from his books can understand the working class so much better. I worked all my life and am now just scrapping bye, I don't buy the Donk Mantra---"If your poor ask for more" they have been beating that drum for to many generations now---every four years we watch the poor and the uneducated march dutifully to the polls and faithfully mark their x---only to have the donks ignore them for another 4 years. We know what the donks are for, the same thing we all our for---cept the donk's never quite agree on a plan on how to get it.

  20. LOL! 5 Years as a POW does not translate to knowing what the average working slob deals with for a lifetime. One is not even close to the other. I wouldn't trade places with McCain as his time as a POW had to be horrific. But it was hardly indicative or comparable to what average Americans deal with through a lifetime. He has lived a life outside the average. His whole life has been spent not rubbing shoulders with the rest of us.

    I made no mention of Barack in my comment regarding whether he was elitist or not. I could not care less. All those boneheads on both sides seem to take on airs once they get to that level. If they started out in the dirt and made it, they often seem to forget from whence they came until election time comes.

    I just wanted to set the record straight that McCain is very much removed from the rest of us in background and lifestyle and has been his whole life.

    I have nothing but disdain for either party. Neither one has walked the walk after talking the talk. But it is the Republicans who have the worst record at the moment in my opinion. They need a come-uppence and I hope to help deliver it.

  21. Perhaps I'm a bit prejudiced about the military. I am married to a retired Navy man who served during the Cold War and Vietnam. His mere training was enough to surpass any civilian's life experiences. Simply learning the experiences of POW's in Escape and Evasion School, my husband holds the highest respect for any person who goes through such terror. Many people call my spouse a warmonger because he kept going back as opportunities to leave presented themselves. I call him a peace monger because he chose to stay. He continued to serve because he did and still does believe in our country and our freedom. I'm not saying military service would make a good President but I am saying it makes one heck of a good man and as for the tough Alaskan, being a woman simply makes a good anything!

  22. Grannie - I grew up in the military. My father was in for 31 years. He retired a bridadier general. Their lives do not surpass the lives of anyone just because they are in the military. My father would be the first one to admit that. Judging one life over another based on what clothes they wear to work is a damn superficial way to come to a conclusion about someone. They are just different with different sets of issues to deal with.

    My uncle was a POW in WWll in the Phillipines and survived. I have more than a passing knowledge and sensitivity for the military. I just do not put them on pedastals when it comes to their actions outside of their job descriptions.

    Had McCain made the military his career, maybe it would have had more effect on him in his civilian life. But he didn't. And that's fine. I can understand his decision to leave. 5 years in Hanoi had to make him re-think his life choices. But 5 years in Hanoi does not in and of itself give him any particular edge for being President.

    Had McCain not tossed his maverick ways from the 90s out the window in his lust to be President, I might just be in his corner. But he proived his worth to me when he became just another politician doing and saying anything to gather support. The horse is out of the barn now. His choice of Palin does not magically reinstate "Maverick" into his character. In my opinion it is political theatrics. In other words, the same crap all of them use on both sides.

  23. I vote with Grannie Annie. If I have to choose between a man who has never worked in his life, versus a man who has served his country ---well the choice for me is obvious.

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  25. Dear MRMacrum, if you did not go to work with your dad every day, I doubt "growing up in the military" is an accurate statement. Rarely do veterans discuss their daily activities, especially those carried out during wartime. Now, did I miss the part where you said you served in the military? That would make me stand up and take note. The majority of our military men and women deserve to be put on a pedastal simply because they have to deal with assholes that say, "My father was in the military uncle was a POW....that makes me an expert."

    Sorry Gary, I'll shut up. My work is done here.


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