Thursday, August 14, 2008

Only In Granolaville (aka California)

You all know or recall Cindy Sheehan, the Lady that camped outside President Bush's Texas ranch protesting the war in Iraq?? Amongst her long list of antiwar protestations, and demands to bring the troops home, she even called the President a bigger terrorist than Osama ben Laden. Well, -----guess what? she's back in the news, this time as a political candidate running in the 8Th district here in Granolaville (aka California).
So, this is no big surprise that she has moved her base of operations from outside her encampment of the Bush Ranch , moved here, and is now qualified to run for the office of representative of the 8Th district. Like HELLO---granolaville is famous for its fruits, nuts and flakes------only here we actually let them run for elective office. What IS surprising and makes it totally a fun entertainment is the 8Th district is currently held by (drum roll please-----) no other than the "Liberal's" Liberal---Nancy Pelosi, currently the Speaker of the House!!
So, what do we have going here???------the nations top most anti-bush protestor, Cindy Sheehan, campaigning against the top Liberal in the Country, Nancy Pelosi. Kinda explains why Nancy wasn't about to keep all the representatives back in washington to vote on an energy program, SHE needed to get back to California (surprising everyone, that she remembered how to get here from Washington, DC), and deal with her re-election in her home district.
So here in the biggest "Blue State" of them all----there appears to be signs of discontent, but while it lasts, ---it appears we got ourselves a good old fashion "Cat fight"!---hey you laugh, but bet ya next fall HBO or one of the cable outfits will be pushing to put on the series as a new show. Might be the next big "West Wing"??


  1. What a hoot. I had no idea. And everyone loves a good cat fight.

  2. That's old news. Once Pelosi took impeachment off the table the gloves were off.

  3. Gary,
    Keep them coming. You got it right about this nutty state and we even have the ninth circus that creates their own laws. Forget about the Constitution. Aren't we lucky, living in the land of plenty. Plenty of nuts I mean.

  4. So you aint out blogging , just a faceless member of the crowd chanting "yeah, yeah !!" a lot Crazy?


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