Sunday, August 24, 2008

From PHEENomenal to awwww jeez

Tonight we say good bye to the Olympics for another two years, and I for one have to say I really believe all in all the host Nation China, (politics aside), put on a most wonderful games, and the worlds finest athletes did themselves proud. Now beginning tomorrow we go from the ooh wow and golly of the Olympics, to the oh hell, aw www jeez of of the American Circus of Political conventions.
Here in California, we for all practical purposes are shutting the state assembly down, while all the happy donk delegates fly off to Denver to party. Never mind the state is two months late putting a budget together, and is facing a 15 Billion dollar deficit----but please don't call me biased, as the following week all the smiling Pachyderms fly off to their convention, and the assembly will be unable to function for yet another week.
The Governor, who has during his term been outspoken about NOT raising taxes, this time around is suggesting we need to add a 1% raise in the state sales tax, to raise enough revenues to make the sale of an additional 9 1/2 billion dollars of State bonds marketable----wonder what happens if the outside world gets wise and stops buying the California "paper"----????----awwwww jeez!!!


  1. The Governator RAISE TAXES! How UN republican. Get the pitch forks. Get the torches. Form an angry mob!

  2. Gary
    What is the amount of the retail sales tax in California?
    Here in Ontario, Canada we pay 8% provincial sales tax plus 5% federal goods and services tax for a combined tax of 13% on retail purchases.
    The federal goods and services tax of 5% is also paid on services such as phone, cable or satellite TV and hydro bills etc.

    Bear((( )))

  3. Ta ta Olympics. I am glad you are leaving us. And I don't know about you, but bring on college football. Roar!

  4. Bear: currently 8 1/2% sales tax, being proposed to rise to 9 1/2%, we have no national sales tax, we do have excise takes on various and sundry material items such as gasoline, in addition of course to state and national income taxes---being on fixed income any tax hurts.
    Leslie: Go Buffs (The Big 12 Rules)

  5. Well here in Tennessee we have tax on FOOD! Not just the food you purchase in a resturant, but food you buy in the supermarket! I understand we are one of the last states to do this...but then we don't have state taxes like you do in CA. either...guess it evens out??


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