Thursday, August 21, 2008

"ITS A BIRD!!----ITS A PLANE!!---NO, NOOOO, ITS just me "

I read someplace that the SEO Spiders like catchy post titles---but hey what does this old dude know---I mean like---what the hell is an SEO, and spiders have never really been high up on my list of fun things. Okayyy yeah, so the title of this blog is a total lie, and has nothing to do with birds or planes---not even sure it has anything to do with me either---oooh my gawd!!! what we got here is an "orphan" post, looking for adoption. (you don't see to many of those around---and they sure don't get the kinda "press" they should get---considering how many bloggers are staring at their pages in quiet desperation on what to post next).
I was up at some predawn moment and before I was really awake, found myself back home, having already completed the weekly "Fluff n Fold" operation without any incident. Have read the local rag of a newspaper---same bat station, same bat channel as the radio and TV use---boring.---so here I am blinking hopefully at the screen waiting for the wild thrill of inspiration to run up my spine-----as the little engine said, ---"I think I can,----I think I can"----who am I kidding, what the boy really needs is a cold beer-----THEN we can get serious---(lol)


  1. Drink many beers and the ideas will flow.

  2. Enjoy a nice cold beer ... and maybe a few salty pretzels ... the ideas will come!

  3. ----oooh yess PRETZELS---I KNEW something was missing----mmmmmm

  4. Should that button read " Proud Beer Swillin Old Blogger Dude"? lol
    I have not enjoyed beer since I was in THAT'S BEER! Guess ya can call me a "Beer Snob"...I just never liked the taste of American beers after living in Germany for a year. But since I don't drink anymore (I let my brother do the drinking for me) I guess it does'nt matter aye?


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