Monday, August 4, 2008

My Belated Thanks

The old dude got around to doing his homework finally. I have learned that four of you took the time to review my blog and assign me your evaluations---I am totally grateful for your kind words , and I will endeavor to post stuff and hopefully meet your expectations.

So again my grateful thanks to Rose, Judi, Wendy and Sue. Should any other of my readers care to rate me, you only have to click the "Review Me" button up in the upper right hand corner of my page here, then when the new screen comes up scroll down to the bottom and have at it.


  1. You're most welcome mf. It was so long ago that I did that (I was the first btw) that I forgot about it! lol Your blog, like you, gets better with age.

  2. Oops I didn't even notice the button. I usually don't do the rss feeds or technorati stuff. It's hard enought to keep up with all the good blogs out there.

  3. Can you keep rating over & again? LOL

  4. I wasn't aware of the button, but you can bet I'm gonna check it out right now. And as far as the Beatnik-Gator joke....I don't know who was offended from FL but too bad. I loved it....I shared it and others loved it too. And we are all from "podunk" FL. So you just keep on telling your jokes.


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