Saturday, August 23, 2008


Sometimes a guy just wants to jump in the air, click his heels together and yell "eureka"---I just had one of those moments.  I have been attempting to instruct my niece Tish on how to create a "Blog List" and add it to her blog page.  One needs to understand my niece is not a technophobe, so much as she has little experience in computer programs and easily overwhelmed with click here, copy, click there paste and etc etc and such.
     It also is important that you understand MY verbal instructions leave alot to be desired as well.  In anycase it was a 35 minute phonecall, a lot of no, no, ---I don't understand, wait, OOOH, hmmm, oops I meant to tell ya to ----but finally, success ----Tish is now building her blog list---there will be no stopping her now-----just hope I havn't created a monster (lol)-----ITS ALIVE, ITS ALIVE!!!


  1. Amen. Thank you for all your help. you are absolutely right I am just getting going. Look out!!

  2. Gary, you are so crafty. You have all of these fancy do-se-dos on your page and all I have is the same things I started with.

    Oh, and as for your comment on my "face" and talking about guns and gasoline, you're being MEAN.


  3. hey hi..well i liked your blog too...its simple and its interesting..i will find time to read your writings..

    best of luck to you and me ;)

  4. Yeah Tish and Gary Good job! What a team!

  5. That is really a switch. My children and nieces and nephews AND Grandchildren teach me how to use the computer not the opposite.

    Here's a tip you may or may not know. When you click on your blog roll people, click on their entry title and not their blog title and you will only open their entry for the day with the comments and not have to load their entire web page:-)

  6. WTG Gary and Tish...Another blog for me to read...yeah! Hopefully for Gary's sake ( and a few others) she will be a weekend blogger.

  7. she ran off withe her boy friend to spend sometime at her sister's weekend place in Mexico,and will be back on Monday----was the last report I got----time will tell


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