Wednesday, August 27, 2008

---The Hillary Has Spoken

Yesterday Hillary had her moment in the sun at the Donk's Party. After all the hoopla and hype building us all up on our toes for it, IT, not unlike the poorly run , "wait for the text" game , turned out to be a non event also.
This non-event kinda further underlines that the "Brickster" has peaked to early and is now sinking in the polls. Since February 1oth, 2007, the American Public has been bombarded almost on a daily basis, a steady diet of how "Brick" was THE MAN----one who would bring "Change", and bring fresh air into the government.
Now here we are some 18 long months later---and what do we really know about "Brick"? He fired his Minister of some 20 years, (seems the minister made the mistake of getting bigger headlines than Brick!), he out libbed Hillary to get a lock on the convention delegates but then once that was done began to reposition himself publicly----yes he would still get the troops out of Iraq---but instead of bringing them home, he would reposition them in Afghanistan.
He made the grand tour of Europe, complete with rock n roll concerts to guarantee big crowds, and actually had the chutzpah to explain to the American public the reason he couldn't visit the wounded troops in Germany, was that it would be seen as being staged for politics-----yet shaking hands with the movers and shakers of France and Germany wasn't?? (you think the powers of France and Germany) were gonna miss a little PR with the American President wannabee----he must have truly amused them.
The Europe Road show----was the high water mark of the "Brickster's" campaign so it seems as the polls now show he has gone from the lead to second choice of the American Public. The Donk's candidate for President, the man who would bring us Change---his first decision, pick a VP, and who does he go to?----he picks Joe Biden. The one Washington DC resident who has been a DC insider longer than anyone else in the history of the American Government. (Hows THAT for change?) Some of the Donks had been firmly convinced that he would Pick Hillary as his Veep choice----but then again, She might get more press that he did---and well we saw what happened with his Minister of some 20 years.
Tonight at the Donk's gala in Denver, we will get to hear Speeches from Bill Clinton, The President that made "Intern" a national lampoon. and from Joe Biden, the man who won the "Wait for the text" game "Brick" had played with the press. It will be Joe's assignment to play the "attack dog" role and lambaste McClain. Whereas its Bills job to smooth over the rift between the old democrats and the youngun's, so his speech will praise Hillary, praise
Brick, and just be all nice and toasty. On the other hand-----maybe he will praise Hillary, and let the delegates make of that what they will.----but then again, the whole "Brickster" show is really getting kinda a tired look to it---its been on the road a year and a half now. I myself will be watching the first Season of "Monk", the writing is better and so is the acting.


  1. The problem is that the media spends way too much on the game and less on the issues. Whether Obama's "peaked too soon" will become clear enough.

  2. Yawn! I thought Hillary looked great and did everything to be uplifting for the party but I heard no real heave ho for Obama. Anyway, everything aside I would appreciate you creating a movie review section from you and Jerry and other participants so I know what to get from Netflix. I don't won't to waste my time seeing movies that are bombs.

    Love, Mel

  3. I didn't listen to Hil's speech last night, but I heard all about it on talk radio today. Seems she's proud to be a mother, democrat, woman, american...but she failed to mention she was proud to be a WIFE...of course who could blame her? Nice burn on Billy boy...way to go girlfriend!

  4. I got a little choked up today when Barack Obama was officially nominated. It was a historic moment. Aren't you at least a little bit proud that finally our country has seen fit to have a black man in the running for President? It's about time!

  5. Yes, You really do enjoy the kool aid way to much. I never figured you for a hack. But there it is.

  6. Yeah, I got choked up but to barf. Doesn't Kathi know he really isn't black. He isn't a true black like Jesse Jackson and the real black men. He is a corrupt kid from Chicago who has done nothing. He just wants to be president. Well tonight Kathi will need a box of kleenex. Ha! Mr. Macrum sounds angry. Could be be a lib? They are always angry.

  7. "true black"? Oy - that whole "not black enough" crap...don't get me started.

  8. I think Obama will peak by the end of the week...then the all-Obama-all-the-time channels will have to find something else as the DNC will be over.

  9. Then next week we get to watch McSenile about as exciting as going to a geriatric ward.

  10. Hi Anonymous!

    You are a fucking idiot!

    I hope your keepers are watching closely so as to keep you from swallowing your tongue and choking to death.


  11. Nothing like politics to bring out individuals persona's (we can discuss reading levels another time)

  12. If you are talking about bringing out MY persona, at least I am willing to identify myself instead of hiding behind "anonymous" to spew inane drivel.


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