Monday, August 18, 2008

Maybe tomorrow, my apologies

Today we were kicked in the head with our anti-virus program telling me it was about to die, and not having DSL, spent about 5 hours trying to download and renew things, to no avail. I have no gone out bought the damn program at the local store, and installed it, but---(aaaaaarg!! it wants to update itself, and is taking its own sweet time (again the no dsl slap in the face, I'm beginning to enjoy the pain, hmmm?), anyway til the program is fully updated, hopefully before Tuesday---can I suggest to my avid readers to click on the word "ART" in my list of labels on my side bar, and peruse the various posts demonstrating the Art OF Matilija, my home here in So. Calif. Tomorrow will post something new----til then Ciao for now.


  1. You know there are a few of us saying 'told ya so...I told ya so...'

    hahaha, we'll still be here when you're done updating your virus definitions Gary...don't you can't get rid of us even if you wanted to. :)

  2. The boy is back----only took all damn damn day---the lesson learned here sportsfans is---never both to waste your time downloading software ya can easily buy at the local store, unless you got DSL. The good news is had my original download of the new software gone as it was suppose to it would have cost me 50 bucks---as it turned out it didn't so had to go buy the dumb program, but I got it on sale or only 21.95---a neato savings of $29.05----anyway, as the sun slowly sinks in the west---I can go to sleep feeling somewhat comfortable my puter is safe for me and the American way----see you baaad dudes tomorrow. You all have a nice night now ---ya heah? (lol)

  3. Gary can you please explain to me why you don't have dsl?

  4. I told you you should have bought a Mac. No problems like that here. Now to make you really jealous. My building is being upgraded to fiber optic so I'll be running circles around you guys...neener neener neener :-P

  5. Welcome back. DSL is the way to go if you can...unless your fortunate enough for fiber optic. And yeah for you for saving on your program. Have a great day.....looking forward to reading some today

  6. Hi Gary,
    Hope everything will be ok this morning.
    I have to admit, this morning (when you are sleeping) I made the effort to read your messages since the beginning of your blog (in April). I still have to read June and a part of July
    I discovered some secrets of your life:
    - you like getting up early
    - you like having your morning coffee at Sherman Oaks Coffee
    - Tuesday it is the day of Ralph's
    - Thursday is the washday
    - you like beer and champagne
    -you are with anger if the "cauliflower with cheese sauce" is not stocked in your local Ralph's
    -you are a diligent reader of science fiction and mystery
    -you live in a smart place under the sun of California
    - You say yourselves ingenuous, but you are not
    - You have an ironic glance even sarcastic on people and world but not deprived of humor and sensibility.
    Are these important discoveries enough to sketch your personality? Certainly not but it's a beginning,dont'you think ?!
    I am waiting for your new post.

  7. OK. I'm jealous. DAMN jealous!! When I first met you, your readership consisted of Judi and a niece or two. NOW LOOK AT YOU!!!!

    I'm proud little grasshopper. PROUD I SAY!!

  8. Helene, you got me nailed to a "T" (LOL) seems I blab (aka blog) to much. I am one green-eyeed jealous guy here Demeur, wow optic cable no less. and thank you very much Dana, but your the one that is always getting promoted on 5 star fridays---so Lead on Girl, I will endeavor to stay with ya. Leslie, I live in a little pocket to which AT&T doesn't provide DSL---the dsl service stops acouple blocks shy of my place.

  9. I just want to know if Helene is hitting on you.

  10. Can you get cable internet? Dang, dial-up STINKS!

  11. I have AOL dial up too ... we live way out in the country ... surely it would be pretty easy for them to get you guys DSL capability since it's so close to you now. I'd complain.

  12. I am with Roger I think you have a secret admire in Helen.


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