Saturday, August 16, 2008

I don't Wanna, But I'm Gonna---

Don't ya hate it when life pushes ya around? Forcing ya to rearrange your schedule , and do things when ya don't really want to. I know its called poor planning, or maybe failure to plan ahead----but why does it always come back and be MY fault??

I know, everyone is now wondering what off the wall bump in the road has this old guy babbling near hysterically? In a nutshell----THERES NO FOOD IN THE HOUSE I WANT TO EAT FOR DINNER, SO I GOTTA GO TO THE STORE!!------(and we are out of beer too (sigh)). I have known this now for the last couple hours and have been procrastinating---but there is only one beer left in the fridge---which means I can't procrastinate much longer or things will truly get ugly.

For the record, in that I am the primary person filling a caregiving role here---there ARE plenty of groceries in the house---starving is not on the immediate horizon. The problem is, I don't yearn for either chicken, hamburger, or Pork chops------further aside from knowing what I don't hunger for---I'm drawing a blank at what I DO WANT?-----not knowing the answer to that is why I am procrastinating going to the store.

To go to a supermarket, without a list, hungry, but not sure just what for------one needs to have a "Gold Card"----(just the deli section alone would bankrupt me)----but the beer is going down fast-----nothing is coming to mind--------???? Tuna?---nah---Pizza?---nah, Spaghetti maybe??---nah, -----SHAZAM!!
     I got it, Filet of beef, cut in bite size pieces, seared over a hight heat to seal in the juices, then simmerred in a nice beef gravy, bolstered with a good hearty red wine til tender and the spices have all played nice with each other.  Served on extra-wide egg noodles---with baby brussel sprouts, along with an avocado half, filled with bean sprouts and Ken's Country French Dressing-------mmmmmmmmmm.


  1. Wow ... now that is one wonderful dinner you have planned there. I would definately make the effort to get to the grocery store if I knew the final results were to be what you have there on your menu.

    When there is absolutely NOTHING in the house that I want for dinner I always end up having a microwaved baked potato. It only takes 5 minutes and I can dress it up any way I want to.

    Hope you have a great Saturday evening!

  2. Did you have any leftovers? Probably not. My mouth was watering just reading about it. We just finished lasagna. I was going to make it but ended up shopping with the kids. So my wonderful hubby made it and it was ready when we got home. I am going to try to think of something to blog about so the echo won't be so bad.

  3. Sounds good to me!! What time is dinner!


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