Saturday, August 2, 2008

Weekday Blogger, OR Weekend Wild Person?


Not chained to the traditional 40 hour 8-5 grind, each day is pretty much what I want to make of it. As a blogger I have noted two things. The majority of Bloggers are of the Female persuasion---and the vast majority of Bloggers don't work their blogs on weekends. This in turn, after much thought has allowed me to conclude. Most Bloggers , blog from their jobs (while on the job), and in that they are not at work on weekends , ignore they're blogs-----.
My problem is how to resolve this big drop in blogging commentary and excitement over the Saturday and Sunday weekends?? I KNOW there HAS to be others like myself, okay, okay blog junkies that we are, out there. How does one go about finding the 24/7 Bloggers? Like there must be those that work on weekends that blog, people like myself not chained to the standard 40 hour work week and exhausted by raising family and dealing with THOSE problems, ????
As King of the Bloggosphere---please advise----

Signed, "lonely in Bloggersville"


  1. It's Saturday...I blogged. I know, I know...I don't do it every day, but I'm tryin. Especially since you've given me a bit of a push. But then, my blogging isn't exactly great reading aye? Hmmmm...will have to think of something exta special for tomorrow...stay tuned.

  2. Gary! Get a life. Go out and smell the roses. You'll probably not land up being a top dog so get over it. It's all about having some fun and you get to meet some interesting people and that's about all.

  3. I try to blog on weekends and I usually do, but later in the day or early evening. I can't usually blog at work but I can read them. I wish I could blog everyday but someday's there really isn't anything of interest to blog about. I thoroughly enjoy your blogs, so keep on keepin' on.

  4. I am not sure how to solve your problem!

  5. Life just gets in the way sometimes. Normally, I'm glued to my system 24/7, but lately, life had come to visit.

  6. Dear Lonely in Bloggerville.....

    I think you should try finding new sites on the weekend, when the rest of us are busy with whatever, then on Monday you can report all your new findings....

    Sound Fun?!!


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