Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Super Market Time

Some people have a pathological fear of Supermarkets. These people will drive miles out of their way to obtain groceries from roadside stands, or small niche market stores. They almost always take as much advantage of their friends and neighbors as they can---using the old, "oh if your going to the supermarket today, gee, gosh could you pick up a couple items for me" routine. I feel kinda sorry for those people---supermarkets being such a main social center of modern lives as they are---to have a fear of them----that's not living , that's merely existing.
I myself have no fear of the Supermarkets---I go in KNOWING in advance that in all probability I am going to come out with my blood pressure raging, my wallet screaming "rape", my mind in total turmoil, not having found this or that and now having to substitute and totally revamp my weeks meal planning that I had spend a good 15-20 minutes working on in preparation to going to the store. Like HELLO, going to the supermarket is probably the highlight of my week. and its air conditioned too.
Today, is Tuesday, this is the day I do the LP's grocery list. I received the list and my detailed instructions last evening, and I am pleased to report I am quite confident I Will be able to acquire all of the items, the only sticky part will be as I get checked out---and ask for $200 in cash----this slows the clerks down as almost always they have to call the assistant mgr, who has to go to the back room to get the extra cash (I have noticed over time however if I shop late in the after noon, more often than not the clerk will have sufficient cash in their drawer to handle my request).----but again even in my worst case scenario, I get the cash and the trip will be a successful one.---I will plan on hitting the market about 2-2:30pm---after the lunch rush, but before the 4pm "oh my gawd he will be home from work in an hour and I don't have anything to cook for dinner", rush.----and I need to review the list with my collection of usable coupons---its gonna be a good day.


  1. I'm an early morning grocery shopper ... I find if I'm at the store even after lunch there are TOO many people in the aisles to negotiate them easily ... and then the LINES. Uggggggh!!!

  2. As the hunter prepares himself and his weapons, he ponders all the variables to make this trip a successful hunting trip. He knows where to bag his quarry and the best time of the day to find them alone and vulnerable without numerous other hunters screwing up his hunting ground. He is a seasoned hunter, a good provder. He has no fear.

    While you are there, could pick me up a loaf of bread.

  3. Good one Macrum. I can just see Gary there stalking the elusive can of Dinty Moore. Dang all the ones on sale are out.

    Hey grab me a gallon of milk while your there would you?
    Anybody else need anything?

  4. ---Don't you dare laugh---I list my grocerly list---forgot to buy the can of Dinty Moore---forgot to to buy the regular size Pillsbury sourdough buscuits-----but the LP was cool, and I got away with just ya severe, albeit humiliating, tongue lashing.---and I will have to go back to the store tomorrow (sigh).

  5. I really hate grocery shopping. I end up trying to make dinner out of a stale piece of cheese and a couple of tortilla chips before I will force myself back into the fray.


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