Friday, August 1, 2008

The Olympics Are Coming----

Man time flies when your having fun, seems like just the other day , but hello, its now four years later and we have the Summer Olympics from China about to start. I just hope for a couple weeks we can all set aside politics, and sit back and just applaud the individual athletes , regardless of their nationality---we all live on the same small blue marble people---keep that in mind.
I have always been enchanted and amazed with the Chinese acrobats when they tour our country and appear on our TV programs. I can only lick my lips with nervous anticipation on just what the opening ceremonies of the Olympics will present us. Lets all enjoy the spectacle, and for a couple weeks ignore the political issues---the Olympics are a salute to the best of the best athletes---its not a political statement.
For those that only get off on politics, after the Olympics we will have a marathon of 10 weeks of mud slinging and then we get to vote for a new clown prince-----the world hates us for being the richest, the free-est, ----and we are so dumb, we actually believe it.----the clock is ticking for the late great USA---I am glad I knew ye when------and no , if its okay with you captain, will stay aboard and ride it down--------eeehawwwww!!!


  1. I love the Olympics. When does it start?

  2. Oh Happy Day! I was able to get your blog to upload here at work...shhhh...don't tell on me.
    Cute Gary..the new comment on the comments. I will be enjoying the Olympics with the rest of the coutry. I need rest from Politics...


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