Sunday, August 3, 2008

Chuckle Up

I figure if others can input humorous jokes and stories, then no reason why I can't do the same-----so here's my chuckle for the day (And Kay??---its okay to steal it ).

-----Its late afternoon, on a secluded Florida Lake, Two beatniks are sitting at the end of the dock, both a bit spaced out from smoking a couple joints, both snapping their fingers to some languid beat they got going in their heads----neither saying much, but then one beatnik comments, "Oh---like WOW Man--(snap------snap-----snap), like an Alligator just bit my foot off!"-------(snap-----snap-----snap), the other Beatnic replies, "Which one man?"---(snap---snap----snap) The first beatnic replies, "I don't know man----all them gators look alike to me!!"


  1. Wayne , I really gotta thank ya for your comment ---coming at this particular time---it was a real pick me up----, an "attaboy" I needed--------gonna go celebrate it with a fresh beer.

  2. Loved the joke. I am gonna share it. It's one my hubby will appreciate. Actually anyone in Polk County, FL. I'll have to blog on that someday, so you'll know all about us yahoos.

  3. Good one Gary
    Thanks for the help with the missing REALEMON™ in Canada.
    I sent an email to the company so hopefully I will hear something back.
    My Read list will be posted tomorrow on my blog.

    Bear((( )))


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