Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Competition IS Fierce

There is estimated to be over a billion blogs in existence or soon will be---so whats a guy gotta do to get noticed-----doesn't matter because the next question is always, "And what have ya done lately?". To get some Idea of how wild and how profession some blogs are check out these pages . Bear Naked, everything ya wanna know about the Hallmark Care Bears, Imagine, who has gone to the trouble of collecting and posting some really wild world wide Statuary pics, and Sue's Stuff, her post for today so across the board something for everyone , making her one of the nice guys, and if your new to blogging you gotta read Wayne John. and read his blogger lessons for newbies, scroll back through his posts to Lesson one). I would be totally amiss if I didn't mention the wild and perky "Life Is Good" blog , authored by Dana Its all I can do to stay in the same game with these guys ---I like to think I am getting better, but boy!!?---I got a long way to go.


  1. Hey thanks for the shout out Gary! Ya know I love ya more than my lunch!

  2. Hi Gary
    Thanks for the link.
    Why don't you join ABC Wednesday?

    Since I joined I have more bloggers coming to my site than before.

    Bear((( )))

  3. Gary I love your Blog. Keep it up.

  4. Thanks for the link love Gary! I always enjoy your posts!


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