Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ranking TV Shows

What is very interesting is looking at what the various TV networks offer us to watch as a choice for those that do not want to watch the Olympics. THIS is where the NETWORKS Identify their weakest shows, the ones that are losers----the ones we would normally be offered in the absence of anything that might be more exiting or live. Our normal offerings are frequently interrupted with breaking news and live coverage of a slow speed police automobile chase (which of course IS more interesting than the normal programing offered) Now if we could just get the industry to cut back on the number of commercials, put the emphasis on good writing and acting---then just maybe people WILL start watching TV and the networks THEN could correctly raise the price of commercials on THOSE in demand shows.
Talk about spitting into the wind---free TV is dead. You want good stuff, you can pay for it, sign up for cable, find out what the basic monthly pay TV package costs, and negotiate the number of premium channels you can afford to get the good stuff. or like this old person, sign up to Netflix (There are other Movie rental companies who have similar rent by mail programs), and pick a plan to rent them once they go to released video CD's. The Netflix plans start at five dollars a month----sure beats paying cable or Satellite prices of $39.95/mo and up---and it keeps the Post office busy too .


  1. Sorry Gary, I have cable and ALL the premium channels and movie channels. We don't go to the movies or barhopping or whatever culture is calling for these days, so that's what we spend our hard earned money on (besides kids and grandkids). I got my husband to check out your blog today and he only read the one about government spending. I told him he'd like your blogs so hopefully he'll check them out again and leave a message.

  2. I have to agree with Bonnie...I love my cable TV. I know how you feel about reality shows Gary...but I have to admit that I do watch and enjoy some of them.

  3. Gary
    Remember when TV was fun to watch.
    If it was Monday you watched X.
    Tuesday was Y.
    Wednesday was Z.
    And then came Thursday, Friday and Saturday when there were so many choices.

    And now we pay to have $$hit on the TV and don't watch anything that is offered.

    Showing my age here and I don't care.

    Bear((( )))

  4. Bonnie: When I gripe about there being nothing to watch on TV, I am talking about your basic broadcast stations, the ones we all get to watch for free. The premium channels you pay for on Cable and as such are in the same category as paying to go into a theatre---I don't consider that as TV, although you watch it on TV, just as I watch Hollywood movies from Netflix on the TV. Many of the premium cable channels have some good shows, but you have to pay a price to see them be it per view or per month. Many seniors and poor people can't afford to watch those expensive shows, and are only left with the unscripted (no writeers used) reality crap stuff. which are more commercials than they are programing.

  5. Netflix is probably going to go up. I have better things to do than watch TV. I need to work on my thousand projects I can't seem to get to. I will stick with my Blockbuster program.

  6. I don't have cable tv or satellite.

    Think Pink (Rose)

  7. I must agree it is getting worse. Cable rates keep going up. Regular no pay TV can't seem to throw enough reality shows at us. And I can't remember the last time I would bother to set foot in a theater. Movies seem to have come down to two types. The bulk are the cartoon action flicks with stunts so unreal you know the digital enhancement computers were working overtime. Then there's the historical dramas that are so inaccurate you wonder if they weren't made in China.
    The reason TV was so good in the 50's was because TVs were expensive and in the early days programing was geared to well educated rich people. TV has gone from Saks to a five and dime (oops make that the 99 cents store).
    With cable taking a downward spiral and very few good movies being made I'm really considering pulling the plug on it. You pay outrageous monthly fees for very little value. I'd say if the net is able to increase it's download speeds then TV will die like the movies did in the 50s. The only thing keeping theaters open are teens who must see the next slasher or action adventure flick so they have something to text their friends.

  8. Hey, Gary: you don't fit into the "target demographic." Heck, *I* don't fit into the beloved 18-49 demographic, as though boomers don't spend money. Virtually everything I watch, I tape and zap through the commercials for the products that aren't targeted to me anyway.

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