Saturday, August 16, 2008

IT's Saturday, the Place is Empty----(to many bloggers have lives)

I'm an older dude, pretty much in control of my life---but like most people, sometimes life pummels me pretty good around the head and shoulders---whats the expression, ohh yeah, no pain no gain??--There are probabely other expressions but I digress.

I blog , I post more frequently than most---its like writing in my diary---only I'm aware that there are a few adventurous souls that read over my shoulder---so what I Post here is not exactly a total secret, nor is it meant to be---actually I am kinda laughing as I am also flashing on the lyric of a pop song some years back, the chorus going ---"you can't rollerskate in a buffalo herd---" who sang that--??---guessing Roger Miller? No doubt somebody will google it and call me out on that---so don't bet the name of your first born on what I guess.

Here's the question---does YOUR opinion count for anything---about anything??  The answer with most sane people, is ---your fucking right it counts!!---and I say, hoisting my beer in your direction, you fucking right it does.

     So here I am on a saturday, pretty much all alone, (just listening to the echos is kinda spooky in here)--and its gonna be this way til Monday when the kids come back and are at work and are bored-----.  Nobody will pay any attention to my new "button"---I'm one of those old people you smile at, try not to inconvience, and otherwise ignore-----.  Yeah, well don't come crying to ME about having a hangnail, and not gettng any sympathy----will talk to ya when ya get back----don't give me another thought.


  1. well here we are Sat night and at least we finally have some kind of forum to see what Obama and McCain have to say. Well, in my opinion McCain won hands down. I was embarrassed for Obama and finally have found my candidate to lead us into less government, less taxes, and mirrored my beliefs as a Christian regarding abortion and government involvement in health care, schools etc. You want an abortion? You pay for it or have some women's group raise monies for you, don't use my tax money and make me a part of your abortion. Well, I have to say I can't wait to see what the media will have to say tomorrow.

  2. very nice thinking good beginning hope to quite often your up-dates in the blog

  3. Hi Gary,
    Maybe you are a dudde but you are not at all old. Not instead say" I am not young anymore" (a friend of mine which was 97 often told me this ! and she was correct)
    Your brain is boiling, you have so much to say sometimes with humor sometimes with seriousness. No - I cannot believe you are 71.You know, when reading your posts here and there that's lead me to think (yeah ! I am not a blonde !)

    Today, I feel some bitterness in your post and that is leading me to think that the world where we are leaving now is strange.
    I write now - being at my computer in the suburb of Paris – to you- being in California – exchanging words, ideas while I have a very few exchanges with my own neighbours. What you say in your blog or what I say in yours or mine maybe we are not able to tell it to anybody. The computer keeps us closer and takes us away in the same time. We are living in a world where the real human exchanges are more and more missing. Don't you think ?
    (I don't know if you understand me)

  4. Helene, Thanks for dropping your comments on my postings, always a joy to hear your "thoughts". Yes the computer brings us close, and yet at the same time keeps us apart. Sorry if this current post has a bitter edge to it---I was shooting for "Sarcasm".(lol)


Speak up, don't be a nebish---your opinions do count.