Thursday, August 7, 2008

What The Government Owes Us

There is a lot of misinformation and confused understanding about government spending and borrowing. In a nutshell American is going bankrupt, slowly and surely as things continue as they are.
The single biggest Item of expenditure by the government is The dept of Health and Human Services, who overseas the many poorly thought out and administered social restructuring programs that the liberal congresses have enacted under both Democratic and Republican Presidents. ----A total of 680BILLION in 2007. You should know Presidents have Lil power to effect any change in the overall spending authorized by the National Congress. Its our congress that determines if we spend more than we take in. You can scream and rant and rave about the president all ya want, in fact the congress would prefer to stay out of view.
To give yourself a better grasp of the real national spending patterns our congressional delegates in Washington have voted for us over the last 50 years, check out this web site.

and remember a good Liberal has yet to find a problem he couldn't throw money at----your money that is-----and ya gotta ask youself, whose gonna pull the wagon when we all pile on to ride? (Think about it???)


  1. Not only does that part of the budget cover the social programs that you seem so wildly opposed to it also covers the FDA, the CDC, The Administration on Aging, The National Institute on Health,The Office on Civil Rights and The Surgeon General. I did notice that the DOD was a mere hundred million behind and I am quite sure we are not spending $580 billion defending our own borders.

    Only a fool doesn't learn from the past. Can anyone here say Vietnam "Conflict". Something that was never actually a war, sounds a bit like a war the was declared over several years ago. Yet we continue to throw money into it with no end in sight.

    As fas as the wagon goes, what do you care? It's my children that will have to work forever because there will be nothing left.

    I think you should change your blog title to "The line forms to the Right"

  2. Gary
    Just came over to apologise for leaving out the gentlemenn's opinions on my post in my blog today.
    I also apologised to you in my comments section.
    Will you ever forgive me?

    Bear((( )))


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