Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I Failed Miserably at Supermarketing today (sob)

It should have been a cakewalk, but instead it was one mistake after another----I don't want to discuss how many Isle Trackbacks I committed, it was so bad I even got nailed for blocking one Isle---two wide turns at the end of isles-----its a wonder I didn't get banned from the Supermarket.
I think I was doing just great, I had mentally memorized the 12 items on the LP's list, and even though Ralph's has just recently completed its major renovation and changing the Isles and contents all around---I had been through the store sufficient times to pretty much KNOW the Isles.
I had mentally layed out the path to make a clean one time (no unprofessional Isle trackbacks for this boy) sweep picking up all 12 Items and arriving at a checkout counter-----but damn guess my mind working on the items three isles later allowed me to lose my focus---I got the three cans of Anderson's Split-Pea w/Bacon soup, reached the end of the isle and was half into my turn when I realized to late, that I had failed to pick up a can of Asperagus soup from the soup Isle---this so rattled me I completed the turn and went down the next isle in total error(nothing required on my list called for me to be on that Isle). I already knew I woujld have to commit (1) Isle trackback to get the Asperagus soup---but having turned down the wrong Isle, I was now out of position to collect my next Item---well it went down hill from there---I think it was about then I got nailed for blocking the Isle---more points lost---but my face red with imbarrassment at my unprofessional performance numbly completed the list, I was so far out of the running, it no longer mattered, but at least I could complete my entire list, even if I had to Isle back track an ungodly number of times.
I actually felt bad for the checker that checked me out, having to share the spotlight of all the snickers and humiliating looks of shame given me-----I don't really remember pushing my cart out of the supermarket----and driving home------I'm 71 years old and I had just done my shopping like some neophyte newly wed-------(sob). Well I HAVE to go back on Saturday to do my own List of groceries---and by gawd, I will show em-----I'M A PROFESSIONAL SUPERMARKET SHOPPER DAMNIT---I will have them on their feet and applauding or I will turn in my Shopping bag.


  1. Gary:
    Has your grocery stores there in the US started the *SELF* checkout where you do all the work i.e. scanning, bagging and swiping of the debit card yourself with no store personel in sight.
    I REFUSE to use that because if they are not going to offer me a substantial discount of at least 15% off the total bill I am NOT going to do their work for them.

    Bear((( )))

  2. I also did the grocery shopping thing today. Unlike you mf...I go up and down each isle...mostly cause I don't have a list...I just get what I think I might need for the week. But I did have to re-trace my steps..not once but twice... but only cause I bought some bacon and then thought.."hey, a BLT sounds good for dinner. So I had to go back to the produce for tomatoes and lettuce. Then I had to go back to the bread dept. to get regular bread cause I only picked up some sandwhich rolls for my lunches this week. Anywhooooooo...I'm now enjoying said BLT and out of the ^*(&^% heat wave!

  3. Gary, you're as anal as I am when I do things. Always in order and I beat myself up if things fall out of line. It's frustrating isn't it!

    The thought of an ice cold one at the end of the journey and just being done with shopping makes it all worth it though.

    Can't stand the automated lanes...they're always so sketchy to use...and right Bear, no discount! bah!

  4. Jees guys I couldn't get that riled about it. Just about all food stores are laid out the same. Produce, dairy, and bakery are on the perimiter. Butcher at the back and all the canned stuff and dry goods in the middle. Yea they like to change things up a bit from time to time in hopes of keeping you in the store longer and hope you'll spend more.
    I rarely spend more that $100 in any food store. Get what you need and get out.
    And Bear is right I hate those self serv check outs. Only used one twice and both times the items wouldn't scan right. Can't wait until they come up with rfids you'll just check the receipt, pay and walk out no checkers no lines and no embarrasment.

  5. I didn't think there were rules in grocery shopping. I am afraid I would fail every time.

  6. One of my best friends had a wife MORE anal than Gary, as she refused to allow him to go down an aisle that wasn't necessary; they're divorced now. We went shopping and went up and down every single aisle, because he could.


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