Friday, August 1, 2008

What Ya Reading?

I was bumming around the house and got to thinking, what do others read, what magazines do they subscribe to and like to read.  My curiosity built higher so I googled up so stats, the ones I came up with are from close of business 2006.  Here is the list of the Top 10 magazines by circulation.

1    AARP Magazine                         23,434,052.
2    Reader's Digest;                          10,094,281.
3    Better Homes And Gardens           7,638,912.
4    National Geographic Magazine       5,071,134.
5    Good Housekeeping                       4,74,1353.
6    Ladies' Home Journal                      4,169,444.
7    Time                                               4,066,545.
8    Woman's Day                                 4,027,113.
9    Family Circle                                   3,953,651.
10  People                                             3,750,548.

     I guess I was surprised to see this list, as had if I had had to guess, I would have guessed maybe that The Reader's Digest would probabely have been number one, and not the AARP Magazine.  Wow guess us old people do read a alot.   The other big eye opener for me was just how bad the TV Guide has sunk in the rankings.  Back when TV was good, the TV guide was the must mag to have, to make sure you knew what was on when and on what channel.  Today's TV Guide---doesn't tell ya what channels anything is on, only referencing the station call letters, which is worthless to most tv viewers.  This explains I think why they have gone from 4th to 13th, a drop of 55.4% in circulation.
     I learned to the advertising people make a distinction between magazines like those listed above versus those that are distributed via Newspapers.  Here are the top 3 newspaper distributed magazines, (sunday supplements). (again as of the close of 2006)

Parade Magazine     30,416,712
American Profile        8,162,141
Relish                        7,199,254

     Oh, and how about that rabid supermarket magazine---the National Inquirer you ask??  They came in at position number 78, with a circulation of 1, 149,106---and not counting all those quick peeks we all take while waiting to check out.   Well happy reading to ya all.


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  1. Agnes used to love the National Iquirer and the Star.


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