Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I heard on the truck radio as I was returning from the hospital yesterday, that it was a fact. National consumption of Gasoline has fallen by 800,000 barrels/day. and no new drilling required, and no new refineriers needing to be built----WAAAAY TO GO USA!!!. I still see a lot of empty spaces on the city buses, come on people, lets leave the old gas mobile in the garage and take advantage of the many available metropolitan buses, subways, & trains . Sure its a shock and at first seems awkward and dumb----but hey, come the end of the month and the old checking account ain't screaming for mercy anymore??---the money saved might easily cover the cost of a new plasma TV maybe-----hell bet you all can come up with a nice long list of what "Santa" can now afford at those savings??
I'm in my 70's, yet I can still walk a few blocks to get a qt of milk, or (in my case more likely) a 12 pack of beer. The exercise is good for me, and it also allows me to kinda see my neighborhood like one can't when driving.
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to compute that if one HAS to drive to the Library to return books, it would be a good time to also to stop and get some shopping done, in that one has to drive right past certain stores to get to the library, and thereby save making separate trips. None of the above really threatens one's life style---come on people lets chopped another 800,000 barrels off the old oil bill---maybe then "They" might start listening to us??


  1. I wish we had a bus or something around here but again I'm in the sticks. And my drive to work is about 35 minutes so I can't ride my bike either. I spend about $50 a week in gas and I have a little 4 cylinder car. Hubby's old truck takes a $100 a week.

  2. I'm with Tiffany. I would love public transportation, but my locale doesn't allow for it. My monthly gas bill is about $700. I could do a lot with that, but I choose to live here and I choose to pay for it. I won't bitch, my mom has that covered!

  3. I don't know what kind of work you do, but---any chance your employer would consider allowing you to work from on on the computer say one day a weeK?----or maybe consider supplying a van for you and say 8-10 other employees to van pool to work, taking turns doing the driving---at say 25 bucks a week to cover the gas costs, the company covering the routine maintenance---or some equitable arrangement like that?

  4. I began doing my part when gas first started going up. One of the guys I work with drove right by my house everyday. So I suggested we carpool and he was all for it. I don't drive anymore, so no more wear and tear on my vehicle. Plus it only cost me $20 a week for gas which is more than a 50% savings for me. Plus Bill enjoys the company. Now my hubby only works 7/10 of a mile from the house, but I can't get him to walk or ride a bike. If I could...we'd really save a bundle. But since we really don't go anywhere except the bank once a week and the grocery store (Okay, most Saturdays we go to yard sales), he really only uses about $20 in gas every week. So I think we are doing quite well. I'm still working on trying to get him to ride a good exercise.


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