Sunday, August 17, 2008

I Googled Myself

I imagine, as I re read the Title of this post, that a good number of eyebrows shot up, well sorry people, nothing that titillating happened. What I did was I ran my blog Url through the Google Page ranker and learned, that I have now reached the grand page rank level of 2----but you have to remember I have only been blogging for a bit less than four months.
So I only rank as 2 out a possible 10-----I see any number of commercials on the net regarding how to double or triple ones page rank in less than 5 minutes----and seems these people will list you blog in over 100 plus directories---and only charge YOU $29.95 for doing it. All the directories you yourself could list your blog on for free.---yes it would take you some time to do 100. Now ask yourself a question, if everyone could have a high Google page rank for a mere $29.95------why aren't there tens of thousands highly ranked? In short , there is no really easy way of getting a high rank, one has to do it the old fashion way----work hard at it.
It is my opinion the best way to gain a higher page rank, and greater readership is to just go out on the web read others blogs, leave a comment and a link back to your blog-----sometimes ya win, sometimes ya lose---If you come across a really good blog in your estimation, add it to your page under a blog roll listing----and the owner of that blog, might be considerate enough to do the same for you with your blog on his page.-----and that boys and girls is what makes the world go around. (hey check out the really great art on Helene's blog)


  1. Three gold stars for you Gary. You figured it out all on your own.

    Is this something like 'he who dies with the most readership wins?' :-)

  2. I hope you reach the top of the readership mountain. I just can't believe you are only ranked a 2. It seems like you have a huge number of people who read your blog AND leave comments.

  3. you got it Demeur----my blog is bigger than your blog---nah, nah, nan, nah nah!!!(LOL)

  4. Careful googling yourself, there... You don't want to go blind or anything. :-)

  5. The blog I've had for three years and it's only a 4. Another, I've had for about six months, but it's hosted on the local newspaper's website; it's also a 4. Your instincts about getting more traffic are correct - worked on me - but it's just so many hours ion the day to create content, so the other stuff sometimes falls through the cracks...

  6. Just googled my blog and it is a 3 out of 10.
    Don't know whether to celebrate or cry.

    Bear((( )))


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