Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tuesday---Waiting For THE LP's List.

Well its coming up on Noon here, its Tuesday, and Tuesdays are when the LP sends me to the supermarket for his groceries for the week. He is responsible for doing the dinner menu's for (4) nights each week, and I have the same responsibility for only (3) nights each week. This arrangement was negotiated and settled on , taking into consideration that I, yours truly, also am responsible for doing the weekly "Fluff and Fold operations".
Now normally the LP has his list done early in the evening of Mondays, and I get to read it, ask any questions and more or less become familiar with just exactly what he wants and how he wants it---details like "get the blue box its the cheesiest", and get it from the butcher NOT the prepackaged stuff-----. It use to be that the LP having shopped at our local Ralph's for a good number of years, was able to make up grocery list so that I could literally work the store from east to west never having to back track Isles and pick up and find everything in one sweep of the store. Then Ralph's did a complete remodeling, so I have to kinda juggle the LP's list to minimize Isle "trackbacking"(don't ya just hate having to go back down an Isle you already have gone through to get something ya forgot?).
I like to pretend shopping in a grocery is an olympic event. You go through the store, get your items, check out and when done all the checkers hold up score cards rating ya, like the ice skaters ---8.9---9.2----9.2---7.6 (that checker always scores me down cause I caught her ringing up the wrong price of tomatos once)------anyway kinda fun---anyway one gets scored down for making those dreaded unprofession Isle backtracks---making sloppy turns at the end of the isles with your cart, and big countdowns if you hog the isle with your cart
Now the LP he sucks up all the cooking shows, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, German----and voila I get the shopping list from hell----I almost live in fear of his weekly list. Its my goal to comeback with everything on his list----even if I have to drive all over the area to specialty shops to get it, in that Ralph's may be sold out or just flat doesn't stock it (you make recall my rants about the absent of cauliflower with cheese sauce being not stocked------well it is now!!).
If any of you have been checking out my friend "Bear Naked''s blog, he has found that in Canada, there is a shortage of "RealLemon" lemon juice concentrate-----mft. by Motts. Have any of your noticed this product missing from your stores shelves?? Anyway I will be off to the Supermarket this afternoon -----


  1. Gary, thanks for your comment on my post. I have used it as a springboard to clarify myself and I have your blog listed so that, maybe someone NEW?, might click on ya

  2. thats damn nice of ya Dana----and I'll leave a light on for em---

  3. Gary
    I went to a local supermarket today and again no ReaLemon™ juice but this time a sign was posted "Temporarily out of stock."
    Strange though, in the fresh fruit and vegetable aisle there was a huge pile of FRESH lemons.
    They weren't the prettiest lemons but they were lemons!!
    I too would be interested to know if the *shortage* problem is in the US also or if it is a Canadian problem.
    Discrimination??? Hmmmmmmmm

    Bear((( )))

  4. I don't know for a fact, but it could well have to do with drug lords, and gangs demanding Motts deal with certain growers or no lemons and Mott's correctly is holding firm and not buckling into such blackmail.

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  6. I live in Savannah, Georgia (USA) and you can't find Real Lemon lemon juice in any of the grocery stores here. You can, however, find Real Lime lime juice... Odd.


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