Friday, August 8, 2008

Do Not Pass Go-----Do Not collect $200 (sob)

I flew to high, and I melted-----well had a melt down. I will now have to start all over again (sigh)----but first I am gonna go pound my head against the wall, then I am going to allow myself a cold brewski---then gonna , or when I stop sobbing hysterically, I am gonna, start the rebuild of my page.  (who was that masked man Ma??---Don't know Pa---but he sure had a purty horse).


  1. I'll be on the 'puter all weekend if you need anything Gary. I think I may know what you are trying. ;)

    I noticed a few changes around here. I think I like the gray background more than the (what was it?) blue.

  2. What in the world did you do??????


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