Saturday, August 9, 2008

Olympics Opening Show

I imagine just about the whole world watched the opening of the Olympics in China. I have to say I was properly impressed with the show, and how it was all played out. The fireworks sure were impressive, but then the Chinese invented them. I was impressed to that the 91,000 people in the stadium were polite and applauded each and every team as it marched in---no booing or hissing or negative demonstrations ---I can't quite see that happening here in this country, were we are prone to be quite vocal about our feelings. The point of this being THIS is the OLYMPICS, which is above politics, its for and by the athletes, lets do our best to keep that in mind as the games continue, and not allow politics to reflect on the athletes.--So having said that---what do you all think of my blog site now---have spent since noon yesterday trying to recover from my personal melt down (my screw up of html program playing, followed by "ooops!, followed my a loud anguished "AWWWW---- S**T"!! So we are still in the throes of putting Humpty-Dumpty back together again----.


  1. I only watched the first 30 minutes so far, and it's prompting me to write a post...not sure if it will see daylight or not.

    Those first 30 minutes made me all misty eyed...had to stop. I'll watch the rest tonight. It WAS incredible though!

  2. It was definitely incredible! Know what I noticed? There was not an ugly face among the Chinese. They must have all been hand-picked for beauty!

  3. Gary, there's one thing I like about you.....unlike everyone else, you post on the weekends. yea!!!

  4. Gary - Hard to believe\, but I FORGOT to watch the opening ceremonies. I was away buy=[t surely could have recorderd it.

    Wish I could remember the source, but an international poll suggested that the Chinese are among the "most satisfied" people, and Americans are on the other end of the spectrum; make of that what you will.

    Kenju is probably right about the "hand-picked" attractive people,

  5. I like it!! I hope you can get it all back.

  6. I have never been a big Olympics fan but I did watch part of the opening ceremony.


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