Sunday, August 17, 2008

"Real Or Memorex"?

Kids today won't remember that commercial on TV----I think today's equivalent might be more like , "Is is Real or is it Spam?". I say this because those of us who are comfortable on the Internet know, your only as famous as the last five minutes---anything older being ancient history, your five minutes of fame is over, move on---Next?.
I am one of those people who use News gator, one of the better news gatherers around, yet even so----you send ten thousand "bots" out to gather whats new-----you get what ya get. Those who deal with the computer know---garbage in, garbage out---you gotta ask the right question---use the RIGHT key words---otherwise you just playing with yourself.
This being an election year, every reporter, every INDIVIDUAL with a blog has input on the plus or minuses of the campaign.---rumors run amok, photo journalists are in a total frenzy, looking for that "killer photo", extremists on both left and right, taking every utterance by the candidates and loudly exclaiming this means only this or that.
Only here in the USA, where running for president is a four year long effort, building to a climax that no other nation achieves----does it take on a real "Its Entertainment" level. Unfortunately----we have over the years grown accostumed to this almost annual circus, so that now we rate the candidates on he best 30 second sound bites---we all know Presidents don't do anything except appear at other heads of states funerals, and at international meetings that have already been neatly negotiated to show each and every head of state in a good light. Yet here in the United States, we treat the election of a new president as if it was the comming of the Messiah.
Well not to deflate the television ratings we older people know , its the "Donks" turn to be president----and the whole campagne is just flash and bang and we all pretend its real. (so few actually vote that those in control have no problem staying in control) (like communist russia reporting 98 percent voted, and 96.4 re-elected Stalin---surprise, surprise)
You gotta ask yourself----whose in charge---forget labels like Democrat, or Republican, Conservative or Liberal, blow past that---do your homework, who ARE these guys, and more important---WHO IS PROMOTING them, not the political parties, but behind that???


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