Saturday, August 2, 2008


I was tagged by my friend Sue to do this fun little game.  I'm challenged  to make a list of my favorites.There can be only ONE answer to each question.So here's my list of favorite things ....
  1. Sport: Ice Skating
  2. Game: Chess
  3. Color:  Teal
  4. Movie: "Aunte Mame"
  5. Broadway play: None seen
  6. Broadway Musical: Gypsy w/Angela Lansbuy -road company
  7. Song: "Monday, Monday" by the Mamas N Pappas
  8. American city I have visited: Traverse City, Michigan
  9. Foreign city I have visited: Juarez, Mexico
  10. Book: "The Hobbit" by T.R.R Tolkien
  11. Classic television show: "Ed Sullivan Show"
  12. Recent television show: "West Wing"
  13. Actor: Harrison Ford
  14. Actress: Meryle Streep
  15. Perfume:  none
  16. Food:  Beef(in all of its forms and cuts)
  17. Dessert:  Lemon Merange Pie
  18. Chain Restaurant: Carl's Junior
  19. Local Restaurant: "The Sportsmen's Lodge"
  20. Car: none
  21. Condiment: Ken's 1000 Island Dressing
  22. Kitchen Appliance: Coffee Maker
  23. Home Appliance: Stove
  24. Beauty Product:  Irish Spring aloe body wash
  25. Piece of clothing: 550 classic fit levis
  26. HGTV Show: (not familiar with HGTV ??)
  27. Food Network show:  Nonw (nor on cable here) 
  28. Male Songwriter:  George Gershwin
  29. Female Songwriter: Dolly Parton
  30. Holiday: "New Years Day" (not the eve )
  31. Ballet I have seen:  "Rodeo", choreographed by Agnes De Mille
  32. Disney character: "Mickey Mouse"
  33. Flower: Crocus
  34. Alcoholic drink:  Cold Beer (of any kind ---free is best)
  35. Non-Alcoholic drink: Hot Coffee
  36. Magazine: "Reader's Digest
  37. Animated movie: "Dumbo"
  38. Television network miniseries: "The Thornbirds"
  39. Season: Spring
  40. Male vocalist: Frank Sinatra
  41. Female vocalist:  Doris Day
  42. Day of the week: Tuesday
  43. Household Chore: Food Shopping
  44. Ice Cream: "Dolce De Letche" (Breyers)
  45. Candy: Hershey's Bliss
  46. Artist: El Greco
  47. Quotation: "The world is a banquet, but most poor suckers are starving to death", Aunte Mame
  48. I'm supposed to tag 5 people but ------I doubt any of them understand half the questions---but they are willing to try---should be amusing to us intelligentizia---(heh, heh, heh---)


  1. I almost stopped when I saw your favorite sport was ice skating. But then I saw Monday Monday. Nice work there. I really don't won't to have to reevaluate our blog relationship.

  2. Leslie:----mmmm so we are having a relationship huh?-----why would my identifying with the sport of Ice skating cause you to reconsider-----??---and are YOU going to submit your answers to THE LIST?

  3. So I see the Beer didn't run out! By the way..I make a mean Lemon Merange Pie. In fact I made two when my Grandaughter and her boy friend were visting..only to find out no one in the house liked it except me and Laura.(my daughter)Sooooooo we had to eat both of them ourselves...can't waste food ya know!

  4. Okay I'm swiping this so count me as one of your 5.


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