Friday, August 15, 2008

What Do You Mean MY Credit Card Has Expired?

I sat down at my puter this early morning, feeling good. I had slept well the night before, now had poured myself a nice hot fresh cup of coffee, and had begun my run through my incoming email. First up was from my good pals at Netflix--casually telling me my credit card, which they automatically bill , would expire at the end of this month!!? In my mind I thought, how silly of them---credit cards never expire, they are always renewed, and renewed----so it had to be some stupid clerical error in the system right? I of course checked my card, and damn if they (Netflix) wasn't right my card expires this month----yet here it is the 15th and I have no new replacement??? PANIC!!, BUT WAIT, I have other cards, one can merely tell them to bill one of the other cards ----then at my leisure I can go fight with the other card issuer and demand justice and the American Way.
I took a reassuring gulp of my coffee, fished out yet another credit card, and automatically checked It's expiration---damn it too expired this month---a more hurried check verified that my third card also expired this month----oooh my gawd I'm having a personal "Twilight Zone" moment-----or maybe the Pod People have got me----I no longer exist in the real world, and am only now learning of this----HELLO?? CAN ANYONE HEAR ME??
With my stomach tight (verging on nauseous), I place a call to my bank----and with fear in my voice, ask why I have not been renewed? The voice at the other end Identified herself as "Diane", and she explained that yes my cards all expired, but at the END of the Month, and that new cards are mailed during the last two weeks of the month, and that I should have new fresh cards any day now-----I thanked her profusely---and hung up. Once again everything is my friend---til it bites me---my coffee is now cold, its gonna be one of THOSE days.


  1. The credit cards always show up!!

  2. That is why I don't have any credit worries!

  3. no credit cards??? wobbles my mind---thats un-American-------jeez is THAT allowed?

  4. Keeps me out of debtors keeps me from over spending. It is an incovenience at times....but I think it's worth it. Just to boggle you even more...I don't even have an ATM card.


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