Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday's adventure At the F&F Palace.

Dear Sports fans, today being THAT day again, we drove ourselves to the Fluff N Fold emporium. The morning sun already up, and one could see its just going to yet another great day here in Southern California. all sun, no rain-----anyway. NO problem unloading the old Laundry basket and my Soaps and magic potions.

I had the emporium all to myself, which is a good thing for in couple hours the place will be filled with mamacitas, and their many sticky fingered, screaming offspring. (Do you know for a fact your Nanny taking care of YOUR children doesn't also sneak out and do laundry for others to supplement her income----do your children suddenly start using works like SoapFlakes, bleach, ---and action words like Rinse cycle, ----or tumble dry?)

I had to make use of the change machine, to acquire sufficient quarters for the washers and driers, but with only a modicum of negativity I fed in my seven dollars to change into quarters. (sufficient for for washer loads, and the time of the three driers to be used to dry, the sheets, the whites and the coloreds-----the whites went in , the sheets went in but then we hit a snag with the coloreds. I had loaded the machine, even put in the soapflakes, but halfway through putting the quarters in I realized the coin box was not counting properly----so like the professional laundry person I have trained myself to be---I swore mildly, and quickly removed all the clothes to another washer, added fresh soap flakes and got the machine working (albeit I am now 5-6 minutes off schedule).

The laundry now working, I exit the Fluff N Fold Palace and walk a half block to a small coffee/donut shop---I am probabely he only white person in the store---the rest being a nice cross section of the United nations,----but I am a regular customer, the chinese clerk spots me gives me a nod and a wide grin, says nothing just goes about pouring the large coffee I always order, I hand him the money, we nod, and I leave, and make my way back to the F&F.

Now I run into the establishment owner arrive to work his emporium---"OLA!" I greet him, he grins and returns my greeting. I explain his machine isn't counting coins correctly and tell he owes me ---he nods, returns my invested quarters, and goes about his day, I adjorn to get in a few good pages of my latest book. (this week we are reading "Polar Shift", by Clive Cussler. a wonderful escapist novel, having to deal with mad scientists and the good guys racing against time to win the day and make it safe for democracy and the American way. (I was given the book by Carl, my niece's Tish Boy Friend, on my visit a few weeks back at a family get together he hosted (Carls Place).

Probably to late to make this a short story, but ----I finished the laundry, fluffed and Folded and made it back to the Palace here on Matililija without further incident.


  1. What's that make 134? That's nearly three years of laundry. I always wondered if it is cheaper to do it at the mat or at home. Have to consider the cost of machines, soap, water.

  2. Gary
    Only you could make a trip to the laundromat an interesting blog post.

    Bear((( )))

  3. You have that laundry trip down to a science. If you lived closer I'd pay you to do mine. It's nice that you are a regular and everyone knows you around there.


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