Thursday, August 14, 2008

Here In America (thats the USA here for purposes of discussion)

Here we are currently being entertained by the spectacle of the Olympics, kinda rooting for the HOME team, but being open minded ---admitting the best athelete won ---and we won't get into the best out of three arguments okay?
Next on our public agenda is the exposure the press gives us of our political conventions, which as become something of a joke---all of us knowing its all behind the scenes, and what WE are presented are what the powers that be wish us to see.---the handlers of Obama, and the handlers of McCain---the puppet masters will orchestrate the conventions to present their latest nominee for President---and after much (some say waaay to much dilly-dallying) , each party will present us their "howdy doody" puppet to start the "official " election for president.
Once past the presentation of politcial conventions and this time around's candidates (have ya noticed neither party wants to draw attention to whose running for congress where the REAL power lays?)---we will be subjugated to a veritable blitz of paid for commercials tauting this or that candidate---LOL---the old my bacon is better than your bacon argument.
Beat the drums, pretend the election is important, its only important that the people think they made a choice---and lets get back to the 25% majority that runs the country, ---most people not bothering to vote,saying---my vote doesn't count , so why should I inconvenience myself to vote-------(say good night USA, glad I knew ye when---)


  1. “have ya noticed neither party wants to draw attention to whose running for congress where the REAL power lays?”
    wha? obviously, you’re not living in MY Congressional district, where one guy has TV ads even though better than half the media market isn’t even in his district. The woman in the race has sent out as least four mailings in anticipation of the Sept 9 primary .
    And the power has shifted heavily towards the executive branch in the past eight years. Old line Republicans (think Robert Taft) would be appalled.

  2. Joe and I have our list of senators ready. But for president? If there was someone to vote for, I'd care.

  3. I know who I am going to vote for ... but in my opinion ... I wish we had someone stronger running for President ... someone I feel would be a great leader. The two that are running ... I'm honestly not so sure about.


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