Sunday, July 20, 2008

Carl's Place, Act II

This pic gives you a better view of the kitchen cabinetry and tiled counters and backsplash , oooh the old dude? That's Uncle Bob Vlasick. Uncle Bob just recently a couple months back celebrated his 80th Birthday, and he is one sharp cookie, and I can personally attest to the fact he is a world class backseat driver----(shudder).   I won't horrify you with the details of the trip back to Pasadena with  Bob, suffice it to say---he was white knuckled, and tight jawed (NOBODY tells THIS boy how to drive on the FREEWAY----.  I suspect however Uncle Bob will NOT conscously volunteer to let ME drive him anywhere----ever again.  (Just Kidding, Uncle Bob was most gracious on the return drive home---I think between the three or four glasses of wine that he had consumed,  and my having imbibed an equal number of beers----and a number of delicious sandwhiches, pastas and that big bowl of salted nuts---the trip was almost restful---like hello with the traffic, we hardly ever got over 40 miles an hour ).  For some reason the women are always hanging on him---- 
     I don't wish to neglect others that were at the party.  In attendence also was  Judi , owner of "Scrappin At Bluefield Ranch" and her husband, my Nephew Pete.    I failed to get pics of my sleek and elegant GRAND-neices Alexis and Danielle, but I did come up with one of the Camera shy guys in Alexi's life, namely Phil, here significant other, and her brother Zach.  Phil is the one sitting (he hasn't yet said when the latest firemen's calendar will be coming out-----(did I say Phil was camera shy?---uh-huh, rigttttt!).  The clown behind him is Zach, my GRAND Neph.   Anyway the party was most pleasant, and my thanks to Carl for allowing us the pleasure of dally-ing at your most wonderful abode----thanks to for the great "Bar"----you give good parties. 

-------and thats the way my saturday was spent, it was a dirty job but somebody had to have fun, and what can be more fun than spending some time with good friends and family. (not to mention when the drinks and food are so good and best of all FREE :).  (behnd the clowning boys one gets a glimpse of  the Pool and jacuzzi layout in Carl's backyard.
I also need to apologize for not getting a pic of our Party host Carl, but then perhaps his girlfriend Tish might come up with more pics---?


  1. You guys have the coolest parties ... looks like a great time!

  2. Thanks for taking such a great picture of me. LOL

  3. That was a good picture of Judi. She looked very introspective and refective. sooooo looks like the next party will be my annual wine tasting party. You of course, can drink beer.

  4. Uncle Gary you forgot Lauren.....That was a good day! Love your writings Love Jennifer


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