Sunday, June 29, 2008

As The Sun Slowly Sinks in The West------

I read the title of this post and in my mind I am flashing on the lyric of a humorous song that was popular a couple decades back----and the lyric in answer to preceding words was---"and ya don't here your girl friend screaming any more?---is THAT whats bugging ya Bunky??" Kids today aren't given these kind of fun songs anymore, everything has to be dead serious and deal with everyday reality and social problems, ---the kids hero's today are the ilk of Britney Speers, and rap stars being arrested for drug charges or whatever-----our tabloid press knows negativity sells, so screw publishing anything that deals with positiveness---. If its not negative, its not news---so we got publishers with motto's like , "all the news that is fit to print"----yeah right---worse, we got news now 24/7----like lemmings , no make that like Piranhas, we chew up people long before any court can find them guilty, by repeating the same story over and over---if your name is in the news---your GUILTY of something---kiss your ass and careers good bye----the current parade of news----the election contest---watch how the press leaps to publish the negative---its alleged,--- it was said by sources we can reveal, , all illusion, smoke and mirrors-----listen how often the news will report the same small minds calling our leaders names and impolite addressments of their positions ---(negativiity sells remember), and the ignorant do so make for quick 30 second sound bites in their ignorance)---watch the news, watch how 300 million people are led by their noses by the liberal media----and remember less than 50 percent vote---something less than 25 percent of eligible voters control the country---seven media companies---working in lock step keep you informed---film at eleven, stay happy


  1. Wasn't it just the other day that I said today's music was lacking something. Most of it refers to casual sex and degrading women. To think that children idolize the likes of Lil Wayne. Don't get me started on Canadian politics. I fought for years to get the age of content raised to 16.

    In news I read that you can't ground your children because a judge can over rule your decision and now you might be unable to spank them.

  2. LOL---nice to know that ranting is allowed---still my apologies for being so blantant-----will do better tomorrow---with any luck.

  3. Age of consent in Canada is less than 16?!?!?!?! And I thought things were bad here!

    I agree with you complete GJG! If it weren't for my girlfriends obsession for the boob tube and her Law & Order shows, I think the TV would be tossed out the window.

    The blatantly pathetic attempts of TV personalities of grab my attention really make me sick sometimes.

    I could never make it in Hollywood.


  4. Hey everybody
    Hold on to your hats because there may be an actors strike and you know what that means... More reality shows!!! Arrrrrrrgh

    Note to self: Cancel the cable a.s.a.p. : )

  5. Oh we have issues today? Face it. The world is FUBAR and only millionaires can become President.

  6. It's sad to think there are no real role models for our young ones to look up to in today's celebrity society.

    Keeping that in mind I hope Mike and I lead the kind of life in which Griffin will look to us as role models.

  7. Wayne it was. Have you NOT been reading my blog?

    Thanks to the personal efforts of myself and many other concerned individuals it was raised.

    In September I contacted 100 + members of parliament and sent a letter 40 newspapers across Ontario regarding the age of consent and my wish to see it raised.

  8. I'm just wondering why Rose and Wayne don't talk direct, but feel they need to have me present to act as what ---referee---"HEY NO HITTING, WHEN I blow the whistle you both retreat to neutral corners got it?"


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