Sunday, June 1, 2008

Party Tid-bits (aka cocktail chatter)

I overheard one women talking to a couple others as the avocado dip was being put together---she said, and she seemed quite sincere about it. That if one takes the Avocado Nut and leaves it in the bowl with the avocado dip-----the avocado dip will not turn black ? I said nothing as dip at the Gilmore parties never lasts long enough to turn black. (I always thought you had to add a little lemon juice to keep it from turning---(who knew cocktail party chatter could be so informing?)

Another tidbit tossed out from one of the working entrepreneur's talking about the millennium generation (kids who are just now graduating from college)---they seem smart enough, but---don't ask them to stay on the job past quitting time---that impacts their social time, and THEY consider that as important as their jobs---their attitude is, I can walk down the street and get hired at another company and probably for more money than the current job they are in. Its the same generation that believes if we pass a law prohibiting companies from opening off shore plants, and exporting jobs, that these jobs will come back to this country----(can you imagine what toys would cost, made by US Union employees, getting paid 20-25 dollars/hr., plus fringe benefits???----but then maybe they would be lead free?? )


  1. I have to agree with you there..the work ethic of this generation leaves much to be desired. Of course there is always the exception in a few good eggs. But the young adults I have worked with have got the art of looking busy doing absolutely nothing down pat! I wonder if they teach that in school now? "How to look busy while doing nothing 101". Our taxes at work....

  2. I've never made avocado dip before ... mmmmmm ... I need to go find a recipe and I will leave the seed in and see if it works.

  3. Funny I should find this. Being at the lead of the digital generation (I'm actually a gen-x'er I guess), I've found distrust in companies, so I ensure my financial longevity by being able to go from company to company. Being a programmer has allowed me to do this since I really don't need to know any one vertical industry inside and out, I only need to know how to learn quickly, and to be able to guide a clients project from start to finish, and do it well.

    The 'business' comes from them, and the technolgy comes from me.

    No longer are the days where we work for a company 40-50+ years. Company's are just not as giving these days. I personally feel that going from company to company has enriched my knowledge to a great degree...something I would not have by sitting in the same place for years. I've seen and experienced much more by hopping.

    The business always finds a replacement and things continue on status quo without me being there.

    There is definatly a lack of professionalism with today's youth, not to mention common courtesy.


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