Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thanks Waynejohn

I used that title as I know he uses Google alerts and will get a hot ping---Wayne John IS the beginner Blogger's friend, ---and not to be confused with the Soup Nazi, as portrayed on Seinfield. A good example being his post titled "Google Alerts", its heartfelt, he DOES understand the thinking of us newbies at blogging. I just wanted to post a blog and alert
All that read my blog of Wayne's helpfulness---not ALL young'uns are bad. Its my opinion ya just might wanna subscribe to this boys output, ---Wayne's that is, not mine .


  1. Are you implying others don't? lol Wayne has a very nice blog.

  2. Coot? Is that you, coot? Haven't seen you under the bridge lately. How ya doin' coot, my man. Here's a can of beans for ya.

    (the above is a private joke between me and the ol' coot)

    whom I adore.

  3. I'm definately going to go check it out!

    Hope you have a lovely day Gary!


  4. Oh Gary, you're the best! Hahaha, I just went into my reader and saw the post title and thought, ok, what's Gary up to now?

    Your words have simply made my day and I cannot thank you enough for them. I honestly don't know what to say without sounding like I'm blowing some hot air into this, so I'm going to simply say thank you very much!!!

    You need anything, just ask it my friend.

    No Rose, you have very nice site(s) too (plural), thank you for the agreement with Gary!

    Heh heh, if I had my way, the entire world should check me out. Ok, now that sounded full of hot air...I should quit while I'm ahead. Look at me, feeling all proud now...hahaha

    Thank you Gary!

  5. By the way, I have not recieved that alert yet. There is surely a lag time between the time you post, and when Google finally decides to go to work.

    Wish I could work like that sometimes...

  6. Oddly enough, I have yet to see anything in my alert inbox on this post. Perhaps Google is taking its own sweet time indexing your posts?


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