Saturday, June 7, 2008

Talk To Me People---

I have begun to switch my"Spunky thinkers" blog favorites to a new Widget which posts at the bottom of my blog---guess not sure this is a good thing--want those that are involved (you all know who is listed and not---the question IS, is it a good thing or NO??---feedback , the old dude needs feedback?


  1. NOT A GOOD THING. We read what we haven't read before and never go to the bottom.

    Get busy dude and get your act together. It would not be a good thing to feel the wrath of Dana.

  2. Uh, being that I was gong to comment about how "whatever blows your dress up dude" when I opened the comment page and then read dana's comment. Seems I might not want to be so easy going here. She's made threats. She does make a good point.

    I have no clue.

    But I will say I have seem similar setups and they are up top and only on the skinny single column side.

  3. I'm not really sure what you mean ... but under "Spunky Thinkers" my link is there ... that makes me happy.

  4. Thanks people, after starting to do it, I found myself pretty much thinking just as you all have confimed----my thanks for your honesty-----so you'll take the bomb outta my car now Dana?

  5. I stopped by to see if the TV installer had show up yet?? Have a visual of you shivering on the porch clutching your coffee cup waiting for the delivery van with your eyes wildly scanning the street giddy with anticipation!

  6. I compromised people. I moved my blog list from the bottom to the side bar, and moved it up a bit. I like that it gives a snippet of what each of your latest blogs is about, and I only have to click on the title and get the whole thing.


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