Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Tag From Dana---

The name of this Meme is "Seven Personal Things Nobody knows about You". I was sneak attacked by Dana and got tagged----but you all KNOW how she gets when she fails to take her meds----but that's another story---anyway to play the game and pass it on----here are seven things about myself you most likely didn't know or weren't sure about-----

1) I attended no less than three, (3) different High schools, in two different States---no not an Army brat here----my Father worked in the Steel Industry, and was an expert in the production of Seamless Tubing---so as he changed jobs, moving up promotion wise, I the kid moved from city to city----(I graduated from Pueblo, Central High school, class of 1955---"GO WILDCATS")
2) My favorite veggie is Cauliflower with cheese sauce, but guess most everyone knows that now, so my second best favorite veggie is Zucchini with a moderately spicy tomato sauce. (remind some time when I have had a couple beers to tell ya about my first introduction to Zucchini, and the resulting major physical confrontation with my Father)
3) I am a avid reader of books, primarily fiction, mysteries, sci-fiction, etc. anyway I took a speed reading course, and read about 2,000 words a minute with 95-100 percent comprehension----well a lot slower when dealing with mathematical equations and columns of numbers. As such, I go through a couple novels a week.
4) I volunteered and enlisted in the Army for a three year hitch. I reached the rank of E-5, Tech Specialist (Hawk Missile internal guidance repairmen), for those not familiar with military rank, that equates to being paid the same as a Buck Sargent (three stripes). At the time I left the service my pay was a grand total of $150/mo---that was April 1963.
5) My father was of the school of thought I should learn to drive and be taught properly so he refused to teach me, insisting I should take driver training at school----don't know how it is in schools today, but when I went, only the "dumb" took driver training---and I wasn't about to mingle with that crowd---end result----I didn't learn to drive a vehicle til I was 23, my driver training professionally taught me by an army Sargent, my first vehicle a 5 1/2 ton, extra long wheelbase Truck----by the time the army got done I could drive every vehicle in my unit trucks, vans, jeep's 3/4 trucks----I was the only one in my unit that never got a ticket in the three years I was in (just never got caught that's why)----remind me sometime to tell ya about the morning I did a 360 degree skid on the road to the ammo dump with 8 guys in the back of the truck).
6) One of the things I learned as a freshmen in college, from my basic Psychology 101 class, and not to many people know this about me. One of the things taught was the effect of people who are color blind----lo and behold---I found out I was "Red/Green" color blind. Plays merry hell with me in picking out brown vs green colors when buying clothes----as such I mostly wear, greys, blues, blacks and stay away from browns and greens---or I let others pick out those colors for me.
------and now finally , (drum roll please----) we come to number 7) I have had the personal pleasure of shaking hands with both Dr. Werner Von Braun , whose team of rocket scientists help us build the rockets that took us to the moon, and Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren. (He was Governor of California at the time).

Now to complete this Meme properly I get to pass this Meme on ---and so letting my fingers slide through the old list-----hmmmmm, yes , I am tagging Wayne, Judi and my newest acquaintance Wondering Coyote. (Now stop nagging me about the meme Dana.)


  1. You never tag me :( but that's ok as I did this meme long ago. I'm happy to see you sharing things about yourself.

  2. Seven personal things about me? Really? Hm. Let me give this some thought and I'll get back to you.

  3. Alright Gary, there you go...7 things you probably never needed to know about me. hahahaha

  4. Don't feel bad Rose, he didn't tag me either and neither did's like being in school, only the "cool" kids get picked.
    Enjoyed learning a little more about you Gary.

  5. Thanks Gary. I will do as soon as I can.


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