Monday, June 23, 2008

"Same Old Song"

Here we are once again in a Presidential election year---the names change, the faces change, but hello---I'm hearing the same old songs. Obama prides himself on being a new face, and smiles wide saying its time for change---(his green horn college crowd buying it all), but come on people---listen to to the music---the song was presented in the broadway musical "The Chorus Line", the original song title was "Tits and Ass"---Obama sings a different lyric, but the music is the same and the chorus goes, "Tax and Spend---Tax and Spend"---the liberals basic theme song, second to their constant chant----"if your POOR, just ask for more---vote democratic"


  1. Oops! Which conservative(?) president has spent more than ALL of the U.S. presidents COMBINED?!


    His initials are George W. Bush

  2. This will be an interesting Presidential race this year. I can not wait to see who each one will choose as a running mate.

  3. You won't seal up the house and turn on the gad if the conservatives are out will you?

  4. I am sick of the election already.


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