Thursday, June 12, 2008

So Whadda ya think?

I've been tossing blog posts out fairly often, good, bad and indifferent---but now I gotta ask. You all see the Lil green icon off to the right?----yeah the one that says "review me"----how come nobody has? I feel like a gave a party and nobody came----(sigh).

Being the old stubborn guy that I am, I learn best, and fastest by plunging in with both feet into things---like why read a long technical treatise on a subject, when ya can just ask a person that's doing it---or look over somebodies shoulder and flat out copy them. (and yes of course giving credit where credit is due---hey Sam taught me, or I got this from Harriot, etc, etc. I am saying this as kinda really want some reviews of my blog----am I boring everyone, or just what?? I mean like is it "send in the clowns, never mind they already are here?"

If you can't quite put a comment on my blog, maybe you need to have a better feel for my overall stance on things, in which case you might want to click on the Lil icon again on the right, just under the title "---and then I said"


  1. damn damn and more damn. See what happens when you have the uneducated do something!! I went to rate your blog, JUST TO SHUT YOU UP ABOUT IT, and I thought you had to click on each know, one, two, three, four, FIVE.....but noooooo. You are supposed to click on FIVE right away. So, I clicked on the first star and they took that to mean ONE VOTE FOR A SCORE OF ONE.

    Redo it dude or you'll be stuck with my rating of ONE ONE ONE.

  2. I'll leave you a review when you come get the award I gave you.

  3. Well Dana at least went so far as to give me a "non-reviewer" rating of 1 on a scale of 1 to 5----guess not worthy of a full review---but hey---at least its data which I can take into consideration and use to try and get better at blogging-----Rose says she will give a review, but only if I go get my award----sure wish she would tell me where it is I am suppose to go??---have left comments on both your blogs, or at least the two I know about?

  4. You are doing fine. Picking up this blog thing like you were born to it. I dunno about the review thing though. Puts a lot of pressure on me.

    One indicator that I think is more important than almost anything else, is you have folks coming back and actually commenting on your posts. That is never a bad sign unless all they are leaving is profanity and burning bags of crap on your front porch. If it's burning don't use your feet to put it out.

  5. I emailed you the link to it. Read my post "E is for Excellent - Excellent Blog Awards."

  6. Ok..I reviewed your blog. I was lucky enough to hit the last star (5th) so unlike Dana...I gave you five stars. (sorry
    Honestly Gary, I agree with mrmacrum, you get nice comments from most everyone. You know we're all commin every day to see what new and wonderful thing you have on your little mind. Although, I noticed that since the arrival of that new don't post as much as before. You used to post sometimes two or three times a day... I miss that.

  7. Gave you high stars and left a review! Blog on my Friend!

  8. Hey Rose...where's MY excellent blog award? And as for Gary... GARY you old dog, YOU get more people at YOUR site than I get at MINE!

    I don't think it's fair and now I'm glad that I hit the ONE star on your rating!

    NO I'M NOT. You know better. I'd give you more but they won't let me back in now. DAMN I say!!!

  9. OK OK I did it. I really didn't know it was there to do. Gave you a 5 Star rating!!

  10. Hey Gary ... this is in regards to your comment on my blog ...

    Believe me ... I am not easily offended, I took your comments in jest.

    If you could see Griffin during one of his tantrums you would definately know he is a real boy, a real three-year-old with three-year-old behavior. I have tons of pictures with him mis-behaving ... but haven't shared those. We definately do not lead fairytale life ... but we do have fun!

    Now ... I'm gonna go click on that little green button and rate your blog ... which I love by the way!!


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