Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Truth Will Set You Free---but tell it wrong you could end up in jail.

I was bored to the ---well lets just say I was bored, my buds were not blogging, couldn't find an interesting blog, so like all bored people, delved into some of my friends blogs in more depth, to get a better understanding of what makes em tick, what interests them, and otherwise see what was what. ------ and I learned something, I also got a good laugh, and better yet I didn't "cheat" and google it, so THERE!

So, IF you wanna learn what I learned---and IF you want a laugh, just click the link---> "X" , and guess I would be amiss if I didn't give credit where credit is do---(Don't look Wayne) thanks to him, we are now all the wiser for his research----another piece of trivia that will be hard to put into polite cocktail conversation-----like hello? can't remember the last cocktail party I got invited to----but now I am loaded and ready for conversational gambits. (thanks Wayne)


  1. Reminds me of something Paul Harvey would tell and then say..."And now you know the REST of the story"..hehe Thanks for the link and the chuckle.

  2. Sorry to burst any bubbles, but I got that in an email and thought it was at least clever enough if not accurate to post on the site.

    It is, however, a false rumor. However, it is quite clever and funny.

  3. Well thank you! I don't care if it is a rumor I'm going to spread it. It's funny.

  4. Yes Gary...same Missy. Actually, that's how I found YOU..thru her.
    Have a good day mf.


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