Saturday, June 21, 2008

Only LIve For Weekends"

I really feel sorry for those individuals that only see their lives in a positive way on weekends. It tells me they have boring lives---and aren't making the most out of each and every day they live. They have allowed themselves to be come victims to madison avenue---they let the commercials on the Television to direct their lives---like wow, whats stopping ya from taking that around the world cruise like everybody else, or why are YOU not driving that big lincoln, or Cadillac SUV ?(whats wrong with YOU??)----my point??---don't ---oooh please don't let Madison avenue tell ya how to enjoy your life!! Anything and everything presented on Television is geared to sell, sell life styles, tell you that your just so much S***, if ya don't have this, or wear that---or live in this big home or drive that big car---don't buy it, ---if it has to be hyped that hard??---trust me---its a loser.
The sun will come upo tomorrow no matter what----its more enjoyable when ya know your not that much more in debt.---keeping up with the "Jones"----is for losers ---trust me---you will sleep better and enjoy life more for it.


  1. That's easy for you to say you live near Sherman Oaks. :>P

  2. Here here! I couldn't agree with you more my friend. Used to be the more I went to the malls, the less I wanted to be there. Now I don't go at all...or I go kicking and screaming like a little baby.


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