Monday, June 23, 2008

30 Second Sound Bite Syndrome

Beginner bloggers , of which I am one, have it drummed into us again and again, we have to post topical posts. That is to say posts that have the current "buzz" that search engines are looking for. One asks what subjects are those?---one only has to click on sites like, "Yahoo Buzz", to get the current "30 second sound bite" to see what people are talking about. If one is searching for that, one must join the frenzied crowd of what is referred to as the "paparazzi"--- I would hope most of you were a bit more substantial and meaningful that wanting to be limited to being "Today's news".

I knew where your coming from---new blogger myself, and yes we both are looking for more recognition than the tight circle of friends and family (god bless em all). But is the answer we have to chase ambulances, or Princesses and they're lovers like the jackals of the press?---how do us honest real people get noticed?---I can't wiggle my ears, my nose is pretty ordinary, okay my ears are a mite larger than norm I suppose, but NOT THAT LARGE!!

So just HOW does a new blogger build his readership---I don't want to be famous---but I do want to be read---HELLO??? HELLO!!!! ---anybody out there??-----earth calling???"


  1. thanks for your comment,glad you liked them

  2. We are both doing the same thing right now, networking and meeting new people, just like Rose said.

    What I do is look at who is on the blogroll and make contact with those that I feel may have similar interests. Sometimes you hit a motherlode, other times it's just a friendly 'hello' and that's it.

    In any case, you have me as a reader. Keep up the entertainment!

  3. I agree ... visiting other blogs and leaving comments certainly adds to our readership.

    I'm sometimes amazed to find my blog link or website link on someone's blog. Someone that I don't even know. That makes me happy.

  4. Sorry but the big boys started doing this when these things were message boards. They are the big fish in the internet ocean and we are just the bottom feeders.
    Anyway would you really have the time to read 287 comments every time you put up a post?

  5. I personally right now want to be more anyomous.


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