Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Have spent acouple three hours reading in circles about rss feeds, bookmarking , bookmarklets, and spending alot of time trying to get my latest Widget download to work without success. I finally wrote an email to Blogger Buster, to beg for help (us old people are proud, we really HATE admitting we don't know everythng) (not to be confused with those that know nothing and take pride in it). Still waiting for an answer----(sigh)

Did Google a few dozen sites and got eddicated on the pros and cons of HD TVs ---plasma, vs, LCD-------Hate to admit it, but Judi was right , should have saved the 25 bucks the converter box cost and just purchased a new Digital TV. My big problem with that is, one---how does one get the big zenith 27" console out of the house (nobody in this house can lift that kinda bulky weight), will good will even take it, or do I have to schedule the city large trash pickup people. (not to be confused with the weekly trash pick up service the city provides--at a cost of 26 bucks a month, and scheduled to go to 34/mo come July-----(sigh).

Then too, I will have to have somebody come in and set the new set up---a new TV stand will have to be acquired or assembled ----and maybe I should go all out and get surround sound put in??? so-o-o---36", 42" 720i, or 1080i?-----and what about getting a digital VCR to record stuff for later viewing ---is their enough stuff to justify that expense?---decisions, decisions---I pity the poor sales clerk who has to deal with me for the above-----. (when are the Olympics again?)


  1. Pete is really good with TV stuff. You can have your helper handy man remove the TV and most thrift store/goodwill will pick up. We just got a HD flat screen for mexico and it is great. I don't think he paid to much for it.

  2. I'm not sure about Good Will in CA. I did work for Good Will here in TN and we did NOT take that type of tv, nor did we pick up. May I suggest you either call your local GW or try looking it up on the web. All GW stores are on the www and most will have a list of what they will and will not accept for donations.
    Hope I helped ...even if it was just a little!

  3. hey thanks guys for your helpful thoughts, all good input----thanks

  4. I expect you may have better luck figuring things out yourself than getting help from Blogger. Those folks may have exquisite taste when it come to choosing blogs of note, but their help features are not always helpful.
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