Sunday, June 15, 2008

Having A Life Is Not An Excuse---

I have been blogging now wow almost three months---but already I have noticed, that when it comes to the weekend,---blogging drops off. I come to two conclusions for this. The first being, that most people blog during the week to escape their humdrum habitual patterns, ---and come the weekend the have to pick up they're real lives. (Makes one wonder what the cost is to the economy of all those workers goofing off blogging, when they should be earning they're pay?)

---the second conclusion I reach---why am I not in the first group? True I AM retired and not chained to the 40hr grind, that brings in a paycheck. ---but STILL?? the question hangs there??---why blog at all?--

The answer is easy enough---its for nothing more than raising our hand and telling the world --"HEY!! I'm here----!!?". Oh sure, its nice to speak out in a crowd, voice an opinion,k and find some stranger agreeing with us, even better some stranger disagreeing and others jumping in to support our opinions-----or at least defending our right to put them out there---blogging is the modern town hall meeting people---your votes DO count, ---don't EVER think they don't, you got rights, don't be intimidated---you know what ya know, and you feel like ya feel, and they're ya are------pump up the volume.


  1. ou will find things will die off in the summer and pick up in the fall. No one wants to be in front of their pc blogging on a nice Summer day. lol

  2. There are all types of bloggers. Everyone Blogs for different reasons. Remember I told you there are no rules in blogging. One being when you blog or how often. I blog to share my life with family & friends. Also to express myself in any way I want. Just have fun with it and try not to analyze it to much.

  3. Before I started blogging I used to post comments on some of the larger blogs. When I heard my comments on a national radio show the very next day (much to my shock) I figured I was on to something and my opinion actually did mean something. I thank one Monkeyfister of for getting me started.
    And Gary you never know. You just might have that one great idea that nobody thought about or people have forgotten. That's the real fun of blogging at least for me.

  4. HEY! I resemble that first remark.

    I enjoy blogging even though it's at work. Hey, I figure it keeps me sane at work so I don't go postal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Keep on blogging Gary before long it will be 2 + year like me!

  5. Originally I started my blog to go along with my website Missy Made It. When I was pregnant with Griffin I kept what I called a diary on my actual website ... I didn't know about blogging at that time ... and my customers seemed to realy like it. They got to know me on a more personal level and vice versa.

    And then I discovered blogger ... and it was wonderful! Yes, I still post things related to my little business ( - blatant commercial there) ... but mostly now it's related to family.

    On the weekends I tend to not post as much ... but then we do things on the weekend and I have stuff to blog about the rest of the week.

  6. I sometimes blog on the weekend, but the my kids read over my shoulder and there are somethings that I simply can't have them seeing. I'll be back on Ffriday!

  7. I have come to the conclusion that bloggers do what they do for a variety of reasons but all have one thing in common. They want to share what is on their mind. Or they want to share the fact that they have no mind. Either way, it is the sharing thing I think. The urge to be part of the Internet Revolution. Which BTW is definitely only in it's Baby Steps stage.

    You point out that blogging is a platform from which we can all be heard. And even if no one is listening, we at least are adding our voice to the voices from all over the World. Blogging is already a powerful political tool and will continue to affect our human culture the longer it remains free of governmental interference.

  8. You're learning fast. It took me a long time to begin to suspect that comments just might drop off on weekends.
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