Wednesday, June 25, 2008

BAD BLOGGER, ---An Apology is in order

I know, but still I did it, but have no excuse, ---so an apology is in order, I apologize for passing on a Meme and tagging ------. At the time it happened, I was ---feeling weak, ignored, desperate to blog about something, so I grabbed at the straw---I know, I know, ---baad blogger, baad blogger. I guess I hope my real friends-----those I tagged ---will understand and forgive me---I wanna say I won't do it again---I mean I will really try not to be weak and grasp he easy way out to post a blog---I know, I know---I used ya----I shouldn't have----but damn, it was kinda neat ya know---and deep down inside you liked it ---- I know ya did----admit it.


  1. I admit was fun..NOT...hehehe was a little.

  2. Do you mean to tell me that, not only were you conning me into writing a meme, but you came to my site and rode my butt over the fact that I'd missed two questions???

    Put LP on the phone. I need to talk to him.

  3. I think being tagged is fun. You tagged Sue and then she tagged me! I haven't done it yet ... but I will!

  4. Frankly I think they are fun. I was devestated the I wasn't tagged, but I'm over it now.

  5. I am with you Dana. I think LP needs to get involved in that one!!

  6. Gary,
    It took me back 5 years and I realized how long ago that is now. It is good to take a walk on the pasts side now and then. More then than now though.


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